Not Guilty

I felt a little bit like I was witnessing something monumental today. I was at work and faffing around the internet. I landed on the Stuff homepage and was told the verdict in the David Bain retrail would shortly be read.

I called out to my co-workers in the office, and within thirty seconds everyone was huddled around my desk, eyes fixed on the TV.

By the time TV1 managed to get out of the ads, through an awkward live cross with Wendy Petrie, and switch to the courtroom camera the first verdict had clearly already been read out. Clapping and cheering could be heard, and then a voice asked how the jury found the defendant on the SECOND count of murder. Good one TV1, way to miss the first moment of drama and bungle what should’ve been a monumental viewing memory.

I imagine I’ll always remember it regardless, sitting in my office with my co-workers, witnessing David Bain’s name being cleared. Crazy.

In other news, I can’t believe there’s a whole section of the 6 O’Clock bulletin devoted to Auckland’s cold snap (frost on grass, ice on car windshields) – way to give the rest of the country more ammo to take the piss.

One thought on “Not Guilty

  1. BAHAHAHAHAHA – thats right. Auckland freezes when they get a little bit of ice on the window screen, try living in Dunedin! Students rioting, snow covered streets (at least twice a year).. =P

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