Good Morning (just)

I used to sleep in past midday regularly on weekends. Since I moved to where I’m living now in October last year, however, I’ve been bounding out of bed on weekend mornings around 9am – which is still a bit of a sleep in compared to weekday mornings.

Anyway, my point is, for some reason this morning I slept till gone 11am, and if I’m totally honest… well I’m still in bed as I type this.

I guess the week wore me down. Might have also had something to do with staying up late every night to master my drumming on Guitar Hero World Tour. I’m still shit though.

Anyway, just wanted to pop in and say hello. Just to let the three of you know that I haven’t forgotten about you.

4 thoughts on “Good Morning (just)

  1. Ah sleeping in, I remember that… Been working 10 hours days, six days a week for the past month now (unpaid overtime by the way) so getting up at 7 is a sleep-in lately.

    Thanks for the pop-in, I’m sure the three of us are feeling terribly selfish having you all to ourselves….

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