Dog food Jane food

Today Leroy had… well, you know, he got fixed. Poor fella. He’s definitely not himself tonight, a bit groggy and dopey, but doing fine nonetheless. Of course there are certain advantages to having downstairs-surgery; tonight Leroy will be sleeping in the bedroom for the very first time. He also got tinned food tonight. The fancy vet stuff.

In fact, I don’t think I ate as well as Leroy did tonight. Both Joel and I were stupid tired when we got home. He was starving, but I wasn’t ready for dinner. The hunger got the better of Joel so he devoured a pack of chips and didn’t feel like dinner by the time my tummy started rumbling, and that was a giant pain in the ass because I wanted him to go and fetch some takeaways. He really only falls for that if he’s hungry too.

At around 9:30 I gave in and shoved a couple of frozen fish thingees into the oven. My goodness, I am so tired I spent several minutes trying to remember what you call the fish thingees – because I know it’s not “thingees”. However, I also know that investing even more minutes into punishing my memory won’t do a single bit of good. Brain est mush. Fish thingees est fish thingees.

2 thoughts on “Dog food Jane food

  1. Fish Fingers I presume, Fish Fingers.

    Used to think that it was one of the good things about being an adult, you didn’t have to have a proper dinner. But, it is there for a reason…

  2. And my sympathies to poor Leroy. While there are good reasons for “fixing him” (what a euphemism), you can’t help but feel sorry for him…

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