And then 23852309 years later, she wrote a new entry.

Whatever, I’ve had shit going on, y’know?

On Tuesday I’m heading to the Gold Coast, and while the weather is looking a little dicey (this week: “hello, how would you like thirty-degrees of awesome?” | next week: “I conjured up eighteen-degrees for you – yeah, you might as well be in Auckland”) I’m very much looking forward to the excursion. Mostly because when you are in another country there is less expectation to respond to crap your Blackberry is throwing at you.

However, there are two things that have suddenly occurred to me about the holiday.

1) Because my sister and I will be joined by her two young children, there will be no going out and getting tipsy while making silly decisions at the casino. Mostly because there will be NO GOING OUT. You can’t just pop out while the kidlets slumber, that’s the mistake Madeleine‘s parents made, remember?

2) Oh shit. Last Summer I was at least a whole dress size smaller than I am now. If things heat up in the Gold Coast, I’m going to have to fashion a romper suit out of the hotel curtains.


Now I’m not sure if I want it to be sunny or if I’d prefer it to be cool enough for me to wear my fat winter clothes.

Also, does anyone know where I might find a stockist of the Samsonite Ultralite range? In red? I’d quite like to get a cabin bag to match my new suitcase. Women eh? Pfft.

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  1. Well today I’m off to Sydney for the weekend! Two lunches with family and all the rest of the time to go shopping or just chill out. Need some serious relax time but more on that in a couple of weeks.

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