Throw the first stone

Hi there! I have time to write because I’m off work sick with… well, a cold I guess. Woah, I know, a cold.

Yesterday I got out of bed to go to the doctor, who suspects I have a chest infection but isn’t all that keen for me to start throwing back the antibiotics (she prescribed them but said, maybe just see how you go for the rest of the week before filling the prescription). Today I spent half of the day in bed, and have since been plonked in front of daytime TV and I swear, if there was a job that required you to sit around in your pyjamas watching Oprah, Ellen, and re-runs of The Late Show with David Letterman I would work my ass off to get qualified for that position.

Of course, I’m a bit too scared to admit I have a cold on the other blog as people tend to put on their health-police hats and accuse me of constantly being under the weather before making assumptions about what a poor lifestyle I must lead to let threaten my health on such a regular basis. Okay, I’ve had like four colds this year, it happens. Also, I am a bit of a grizzler, so really I’ve had like two proper colds and the others were just threatening to become colds without actually taking hold. Point being… sometimes I live in fear of my readers. Gasp! What will they think of me if I admit I watch Shortland Street?!

I have been judged because I’m having trouble toilet-training my puppy. It couldn’t possibly be that he is a little slow on the uptake, nooooo, it must be that I selfishly bought him from a pet shop (not from a pet shop?! Shame on me!) and didn’t remotely consider the welfare of the dog in favour of satisfying my fleeting self-indulgent desire for something cute and fluffy nipping at my ankles. Except that I already had a dog, so I knew exactly what I was getting myself into.

I love my readers for the most part, I really really do, but on occasion they piss me off. More often than not, I just suck it up and smile.

Sigh. It’s because I have a cold.

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