Once upon a time…

Happy Easter Picnic By The Motorway.

Say, here’s a question, what are the rules about bakeries being open on Good Friday? Because, I went down to my local and bought a pie and doughnut. Then I toddled to Baker’s Delight and grabbed a six-pack of hot cross buns. When I was a kid the whole flippin’ world shut down on Good Friday and Easter Sunday, I guess times have changed.

Burger Rings don’t cost 15 cents a packet, pools have to have fences around them, and we no longer do family trips to Rendalls to rifle through the bargain bins. In fact, we no longer do family trips anywhere.

I miss being a kid.

3 thoughts on “Once upon a time…

  1. I get ya. I hung out with some little kids yesterday and they were just so oblivious to everything. I was jealous. No need to pay rent or complain about the price of milk… Just some scented crayons to draw with or eat.

    On the upside though, I noticed Chupa chups were back to 20c each this weekend! Only they’re kinda quarter the size. =( Sigh.

  2. Bakeries open because “essential services” can be open. The dairy can be open but not the supermarket which seems a little stupid but then I think Easter trading is inconsistently applied. Queenstown for instance can open 365 days a year but people arrive in Wanaka for the airshow and can’t buy any food on the Friday or Sunday.

    Looking back on my childhood there are things I now miss but lots that I don’t. Mostly I don’t miss having to share my toys with my brother.

    I do miss having time.

  3. Joel totally needed new basketball shoes over the weekend… trust me, in our household, an open shoe store would’ve counted as “essential services” as much as any dairy yesterday.

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