Lazy Sunday

Do you like the new image?

That photo was taken on the drive from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. I thought the whole road thing and the colours tied in nicely with what we’ve got going on here.

So, at the moment I’m supposed to be packing but I’m a wee bit in can’t-be-arsed mode. I had a late-ish night and then got up early in order to take my niece Ava to the Tinkerbell movie – which is definitely one of those kids movies that’s for kids. It’s all wholesome goodness and totally lacks any sneaky jokes to help keep the adults amused. Anyway, after dealing with a four year old (and Joel) for half the day and then carting around a few boxes, I pretty much can’t be bothered.

Joel has been skiving off so he can watch the Warriors and he’s pretending to help by uploading a couple of records on TradeMe. I would rather he just hauled ass and did some heavy lifting damn it.

Might go have a lie down…

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