Little by little

I’ve had a productive day.

Along with the regular work I needed to do today, I also booked the floor finishing, submitted our mortgage split, researched skip bins,  came home and sorted through a bunch of clothes I’m going to try and sell at a work swap-meet thing, popped them in the wash, put away the dishes, made dinner, hung the clean clothes on the line… and then I hit the wall.
Now I’m resting my tired old-lady bones in bed.

Slowly. Chipping. Away. At. It. All.

One thought on “Little by little

  1. It’s 10am and I’m still in my pyjamas. Babies do that to you =)

    Totally wasted the morning. My biggest achievement today is to check here. I may even have time to read the news. On the plus side I am soo busy that I don’t have time to watch daytime TV.

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