Bringing it back

There’s no real plan. I mean, sure, I’ve let everyone know that my blog on Stuff is about to go belly-up, but not because I’ve been hatching a strategy to turn PBTM into some kind of mega-blog.

If anything, the desire is to strip it back. Write on here the way I used to – that is to say, without the pressure of deadlines and discussion topics. I love shooting the breeze online. I’ve been doing it for such a long time now that it’s just become part of my everyday life. So I’m not going to just chuck it in altogether.

The Girls’ Guide was Stuff’s baby. PBTM is my baby.

That’s not to say I’m not proud of The Girls’ Guide. I am, of course I am. I invested a lot of time and energy into that blog, and I’ll miss all the readers terribly I’d imagine.  I hope some of them find this blog so that we can keep hanging out in that odd writer/reader way.

Anyway, we’ll see what happens huh? It’s nice to have a little window to enter text into, even if there will be far less people reading that text.

Weird day.

40 thoughts on “Bringing it back

  1. Thank God my favourite blog has a successor. A new, free range successor.

    I’m glad you’re free from Stuff’s ‘ask questions at the end’ format.

    I’m sorry I got so emotional … back there.

  2. Yay Jane, all is not lost! I have found your secret other blog : ) : ) It was too much to just say goodbye. I think you will have many a loyal follower from the girls guide………..

  3. Hi Jane. I like this blog, it’s like little snippets of your thoughts. I’m glad you haven’t left the blogging world completely. X

  4. Guys, what do you reckon – comments going from oldest to newest (as they are now), or swap it around so the latest comments are at the top?

  5. You have no idea how stoked I am that you still have a blog, your own personal blog to do with what you please! I was going to miss you way too much so this has made my day. You’re awesome Jane!

  6. Oldest to newest comments I reckon Jane.

    Lots of old faces here already I see.

    Talking of which, I guess there’s some way to sign in such that one can get a picture of one’s old face to appear beside posting.

    1. Yeah, go to and you can upload a pic. You can even do it against individual email addresses so if you ever comment on blogs to do with work you don’t have to use the same one.

      1. Oh wow thats really cool, i thought you had to actually have a blog here to have an avatar, awesome

  7. Not sure we necessarily want to see your old face Leon. :-p

    But yep, add me to the stalkers following you over from Stuff.
    Another vote for comments oldest to newest. 🙂

  8. Oldest to newest it is.

    Yeah, I’m not sure how the login/pic thing works. I think you need to create a wordpress account?

  9. You have to actually register for a profile to write your own blog to get a photo

    Oldest to newest is good.
    I like the instant comment posting on here

  10. OOoooo! I can say it here, because it’s not stuff.

    Oh dear LORD that new agony blog surely must redefine the phrase “painfully unfunny”.

    Let us make a solemn prayer that it either improves dramatically, or gets canned in a hurry.

    1. Not as bad as that Ann Atkins lady – moan moan frikkin moan.
      I did actually write that in my original farewell Jane post on the girls guide but Stuff edited it and the end result looks like I was half assed insulting Moata. No good.

  11. Yay, found you. Another stuff stalker 😉 will have to work out the avatar thing later. Going to have to keep doing work at work tho :-/

  12. Thanks for letting us in on your secret other blog Jane! Glad we don’t have to lose you completely – look forward to following you on here.

  13. Huzzah, looks like I get to continue to indulge in a little bit of NZ from the frozen shores of Canada………yay!!! I’ll have something to keep me occupied at work while I’m meant to be doing some important chemistry stuff…..reading your blogs are far more interesting!!

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