A little girl waits

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I’m sitting in the dining room waiting patiently for our new lounge suite to turn up. Figured this was as good a time as any to see if I can manage to upload an entry from the WordPress app I just downloaded to my iPad.

If you are reading this, which I assume you are, then clearly the mission has been successful. Does that mean I get a biscuit?

I experienced an unnatural tiredness today. The kind of tiredness that makes you wonder if someone has slipped drugs into your instant coffee at work. I felt like I was in a stupor and had a great deal of trouble concentrating. I have to admit, now that I’m sat here waiting waiting waiting, it’s very difficult to resist the urge to put on my pyjamas and clamber into bed.

It’s here! Excuse me while I play furniture mover.

Okay, so the lounge suite is in the house and… well, it’s smaller than I imagined. I guess that’s the risk you take when you buy stuff on TradeMe. Still, it suits us better than the giant yellow leather couches that hurt our eyes (even if they are heavenly to lay on).

Fingers crossed Cat doesn’t claw the new suite to shreds.

Right, I best off to make myself a gourmet dinner of baked beans and cheese on toast.


  1. Congrats on buying a new lounge suite. We got our new (Trade Me) suide lounge recliners a few weeks before we knew we were getting a kitten. I’ll let you fill in the gaps. We bought kitty a scratching post last week in the hope of enticing her off the furniture. She’s terrifed of the scratching post but will happily claw couches, the ironing board … anything but. Go figure!

  2. Leon says

    I have spotted the cause for your tiredness.

    It is the word “instant” that you accidentally put in front of my personal favourite word.

    • Jane says

      I don’t mind instant coffee, but I treat it as a different drink than actual coffee – if that makes sense.

      • Leon says

        I do understand that yup, I’m a bit the same way about instant. I just resent that they still use the name coffee 😉

        Sadly the one effect it actually has on me is to make me need to wee constantly.

  3. Cats will always scratch the thing you don’t want them to and eye the scratching post with complete disdain. That is the nature of cats.

    Maybe the coffee was decaf?

    • Jane says

      I bought Cat a scratching post for Christmas. How do I get it to scratch it?!

      • Basically, if the cat does not want to scratch it, the cat won’t.
        Could try catnip spray on it. Sometimes works.

  4. We’ve tried spraying it with catnip, hanging things from the top, putting all her toys along the base – she’s still terrified of the material it’s made out of. We covered the base with newspaper which she loves to rip off, and she is starting to jump up on to the post to cling onto it, but the couch is still her preferred object for scratching. *shakes head and sighs*

  5. dragonzflame says

    I don’t know how true this is, our cat has already wrecked our couch (but just one of them, he hasn’t touched the other) and we don’t care enough at present, but apparently cats hate the feel of bubble wrap and gladwrap.

    So you could put that around the base of your couches until the cat’s forced to start using the scratching post, and then try removing some of it once she’s in the habit of using the post and see if she’s still leaving the couch alone. It’s not pretty, but hey, if it saves the couch…

    Then again, the cat’ll probably just start on the rug.

      • Asha says

        Well that could be interesting, a bubble wrap couch! Apparently cats don’t like tinfoil either.

  6. Phoebe 1 says

    Is there something you can buy from the vet to stop cats vanadalisng your furniture?

  7. Phoebe 1 says

    Oh bad! maybe something a little less permanent.. or give it back to your Mum?

    • Jane says

      Ah it was just a wee joke Phoebe, don’t panic. Cat is still alive. Presently slumbering on new chair actually. Hurumph.

  8. JoJo says

    a little water pistol comes in handy – just give cat a quick squirt (nicely!) when she scratches sofa – she’ll stop soon. Worked with ours – they don’t scratch the sofa at all

    • Doesn’t work with all cats though. Ours doesn’t mind water and thinks being squirted is a game.

      • dragonzflame says

        Yeah, ours was like that until we poured a (small) glass of water on his head when he was up on the bench instead of just squirting him. Now if he gets up there all you have to do is look him in the eye and he’s off it.

  9. Miss miss says

    I tried not too look at this blog – being the Girls Guide addict that I was/am – but here I is (deliberate grammatical error for all you spell check trolls out there, hmph) aaaand turns out I can comment on this one from my desk! Girls Guide comments were blocked… Change is good!
    Yay for new lounge suite! I am a little scared to buy furniture off Trade-Me – there was a story going round of someone who purchased a lounge suite only to have it arrive and it was dollhouse size (damn trick photography) – the sellers didn’t stipulate sizes so the buyer couldn’t do a thing. Some people are so nasty!

  10. Unrelated to ANYTHING in this post but I just remembered that I actually started reading your blog things during the PBTM days, before the Stuff blog.
    It was seeing the picture at the top of your blog which reminded me. How odd.

  11. Lil Miss Trouble says

    You can get a spray that is supposed to deter cats but like everything else it only works on some cats.

    Ours cats prefer Clawing the carpet or a rug and dont use the scratching post other than for playing or sleeping on

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