Whoopie Pie Disaster

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I decided to make a batch of Red Velvet Whoopie Pies for tomorrow’s meeting at work. BUT. They didn’t come out right, so they’re going in the bin.


I’m no longer going to serve up substandard baking.


I will be good at this. I WILL.


  1. Phoebe 1 says

    They have such a cute name ..whoopie pies? red velvet ones..

  2. Baking should never go in the bin unless it’s burnt beyond recognition.

    I’m sure you can always find a nearby boy to more usefully dispose of the evidence for you. 🙂

      • Phoebe 1 says

        Oh hang, on doesn’t Joel like whoopie pies?

    • My ‘nearby boy’ insists that “it would be a shame to waste it”, so the remnants of my baking disasters end up put to good use after all. It doesn’t stop me feeling bad about screwing something up, though. The worst ones are when I have deadline (ie dinner party, guests) and can’t start again from scratch.

  3. Simon says

    What the —- is a ‘red velvet whoopie pie’? It doesn’t even give a clue to whether its savoury or sweet!

  4. Lil Miss Trouble says

    Dont throw them out. Men and Dogs are the best waste disposal units ever!

  5. Fraser The Amazer says

    I only just learnt about whoopie pies through watching Top Chef just desserts. Is that where you got your inspiration or a you a whoopie pie maker from way back?

  6. P1LL says

    Whoopie Pie ! LOL it sounds like a pie that creates a Whoopie cushion like effect . 😛

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