Bracing ourselves for June

Leroy is coming to stay with us for a month while Mum and Dad are overseas in June. Hey, no problem, that was part of the deal when we palmed him off re-homed him – whenever my parents go away, we dog-sit.

Mum thinks he’s precious, I think he is a ratbag. Don’t get me wrong, I love that little guy, but he’s a bit thick while also being a bit crafty. Despite these things (and possibly because of them) he’s exceptionally cute. It’s just a shame Stella doesn’t appreciate his endearing qualities the same way we do.

Occasionally the pair hang out as if they are best buddies. They even clean each other’s eyes… by licking them. GROSS (and yet cute). However, mostly? Well, Leroy just pisses Stella off. Whenever he is around she spends most of her time running away from him. He doesn’t give up though, no way! He’ll just follow her around, nuzzling at her face like a crazy. For hours on end.

I don’t think I’ll warn her that he’s coming to stay, I think I’ll just surprise her with it on the day because I love it when her whole body goes rigid with that what the hell is he doing here shock, and then her head turns slowly in my direction and there’s no mistaking the accusatory you knew about this in her death-ray eyes. Love it!

Poor Cat will have to sleep under the house for a month, because while she (only just) tolerates Stella, she totally loses her shit around Leroy. Actually, come to think of it, last time they were within five metres of each other she literally lost her shit. That is how scared she was. I just wish they’d been outside at the time, instead of in the kitchen. I also wish Joel had been at home, instead of picking me up McDonalds, so that he could deal with the aftermath.

Yeah, Cat’s not gonna be happy.

Cat will survive though, she’s a fighter. She’ll howl mournfully in the middle of the night for the entire month so that we, and the neighbours, are aware of her plight, but she’ll live. And in the meantime, when Stella isn’t trying to run away from Leroy, I’m hoping there will be truckloads of this kind of carry on:

29 thoughts on “Bracing ourselves for June

  1. Jane, love it when you make me laugh out loud at my desk like some kind of mental case. Brilliant.

    You got the anthropomorphism (fancy aye? comes from working at the Zoo!) just right – I’m sure my Daisy feels the exact same way when my Mother’s dogs descend.

    Enjoy the peace and quiet/poo-free floors while you can.

    1. It is my aim in life to make people lol at work, thereby drawing attention to themselves in an otherwise quiet workspace.

      By the way, I imagine your desk to be in the middle of the monkey rainforest bit. I realise this is HIGHLY unlikely, but let’s just roll with it, okay? (And please ignore my ignorant use of the word “monkey”).

  2. You said they lick each other’s eyes. mmm I have been told that the dominant dog will get licked/cleaned like that by the submisive dog, so if Leroy is doing it to Stella he is being submissive. Now all you need to know is doggy for Stella he worships you! Fun!!

    1. Mostly it’s Stella who cleans him. He tries to clean her, but she usually won’t have a bar of it. She’s definitely the boss though.

  3. Dogs will always sort out a pecking order but it is the cat I feel for in this situation 🙁 ( although I am a dog person).
    I think Leroy should go to another home so as to not upset the apple cart 😛

    1. Trust me, Cat will be just fine. When Mum and Dad agreed to provide a new home for Leroy, part of the deal was that we’d help out when they go away. Can’t let them down or they’ll ground me.

  4. Ah, pet politics! I can kind of relate to this. Two cats in the household, one spent the better part of a week at the vets. When she came home, the other cat decided he didn’t recognise her. Hissing ensued.

    I am glad to report that they are back to being friends again now after a few days of hissing and sulks.

    At least with cats, they can bugger off away from the section and go and spend some time by themselves. Not really possible I would assume with two doglets.

  5. Aww they are both so cute!!

    Our cat Charlie puts up with our other cat Astrophe.
    Astrophe is still kitten playful and Charlie is well over it. He hides as best he can but usually gets pounced on and his ears chewed when he least expects it.

    I hope Stella doesnt give you the silent treatment for to long.
    Leroy looks so cuddly… He can come and stay with me

      1. Yes he can!

        Jane ill swap you Leroy for Geoff.
        Geoff can clean up after himself and he can cook. Tho I cant promise Stella will like him anymore than she likes Leroy 😛

    1. If you’re taking on random pets Amy, you can have Turbo too. Though, I think I’ve offered him to you and Geoff about ten times 😛

  6. Leroy sounds like my dog Omar. He also uses the charade of cuteness to hide his impossibly naughty traits which are never ending.

    If I come to and realise that the house is entirely too quiet, I have to go and find him. Invariably he will have stolen something he knows full well he’s not allowed and high tailed it off to the garage to his bed. You know, things like the toilet brush, a yoghurt pottle you were about to feed to the baby, the whiteboard marker, or perhaps your favourite possum sock – singular, never takes a set.

    His reaction when he realises the gig is up usually has me in stitches (which pretty much ruins any chance I have at meaningful discipline). His head stays down, his eyes look up and he spits out whatever he has in his mouth. I am sure he approaches these situations like I imagine humans would when they come across a bear in the woods – ‘if I move veeeery slowly she may not notice me and walk away. I may remain unharmed here….’

  7. I have in place the standard pet contract… When the kids and I go away, the cat and dog get to go to their grandparents on the farm. They both love it, lots of rabbits to chase. Only challenge being getting the cat there without him bringing up the whole previous weeks stomach contents en-route :/

    Little miss trouble & Geoff, thought you were going to have a mini domestic there for a moment 😉

    1. To piss Stella off.

      Joking. We got him so she would have a companion as we found ourselves getting busier at work. Unfortunately things didn’t go quite so smoothly, but I don’t regret getting him as he now has an amazing home with my parents. They are at that age where they’ve gone a bit noo-nah and think he’s an actual small child. In other words, they dote on him, and he’s lapping it up.

    1. I noticed that too. I’m going to go with either:
      1. A burger that is served in a basket.
      2. An exclamation of frustration that is suitable for public domain use.
      3. Comedy answer option.

      1. Or is it possibly when multiple animals cram themselves into the same basket thus creating an animal basket burger, comonly referred to simply as “basketburger”.

  8. I know i’m two weeks late… but I just read that you broke up with stuff …. I will be here from now on!!!
    love reading your blogs Jane 😀

  9. Is it too early to say id love a glass of wine after the week iv had? possibly is?…. oh ok, ill take you up on that tea then 🙂

  10. Aw, Leroy! We got dog#2 about the same time you got Leroy. Thankfully, our two get on and are besties (yes, cleaning eye bogies and all). #2 sounds just like him, thick, crafty and cute enough to nearly get away with it all 🙂
    A month is a long time to dog-sit, good luck!!

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