41 thoughts on “Dog + Garden Makeover + Cream Duvet Cover= Sucks

  1. Please note, this is about a quarter of the mess Stella left on the duvet cover this morning. Generally speaking she isn’t allowed on the bed but often leaps up to say good morning. It just so happened she’d been leaping about in the garden prior to saying hi.

  2. The bit to the left of the picture is exactly the same pattern as I have on my bed – except mine is a broderie anglaise counterpaine, not a duvet cover. I bought it from that fancy bed linen shop in Nuffield Street. Its BEAUTIFUL, but I hardly ever leave it showing – cos of a pesky two year old with nutella-covered hands.

    This is a very interesting post of mine, isn’t it.

    1. Simon, don’t underestimate the level of interest in your comment… I used to work in the bed and bath department at Levene’s… I am VERY interested in all things manchester!

    2. isnt it like a bead spread instead of a duvet cover. it goes over your blankets to make the bed look pretty instead of having something inside it like a duvet. it covers your pillows too

      ??? Maybe im wrong

      1. Yes, yes its a bed cover. ‘Broderie anglaise’ is French for ‘English embroidery’ – which seems a little circular to me. Its lovely though, and a perfect example is to the left of Jane’s picture.

        It often seems to feature in chick-lit. Maybe the mixture of sex and fine linens does something for girls. That’s certainly why I bought it.

        Do I need to go over what ‘nutella’ is as well?


      2. I like the way she apologised for the ‘bead spread’ typo, than made another one by writing ‘Opps’. Does she make a lot of mistakes round the house as well?

      3. No I just have real work to do and don’t have time to spell or caps check blog posts.

        How exactly does one make mistakes around the house?

      4. Errm, leaving baking in the oven to burn, knocking over vases, tripping over rugs, that sort of thing.

        You do realise I’m just teasing, don’t you? 🙂

      5. Yes I realise you’re only teasing me :oP

        I have left baking in the oven but dont tend to knock over vases as that would imply that someone had bought me flowers 😉

      6. I’m just impressed that Simon knows so much about bed linen. I tend to buy what looks pretty to me at the time 😉

        Thanks for the lesson 😀

      7. When I was a teenager, I read this book about ‘the self-actualised man’ – you may have read it too. The self-actualised man was well-rounded, knew something about everything, etc. You know – was sporty, artistic, sciency, intellectual, creative, etc.

        It seemed like a good way to get girls to like me more (EVERYTHING I did as a teenager was to get girls to like me more – I had crushingly low self-confidence them. BTW – it worked!!)

        ANYWAY, to cut a long story short, the side-effect of all this is I got to like lots of stuff girls like – hence my appreciation of expensive bed-linen – and my dubious status at man-card-holding.

        The End

      8. @ Simon – so, you became a kind of ‘Renaissance Man’… to get chicks? 🙂

        That will work. Every time.

      1. oops Simon just googled man version of honey pot, it’s like speaking without thinking! Sorry, you sound lovely though

  3. 2 things, at least she wasn’t playing in doogy doo doos, and cream duvet + toddler with felts also generates a big *Sigh!*

  4. I have been banned from wearing white tops for years due to spillage. If I have trouble getting the food into my mouth now how bad will I be if I make 70?

  5. I can totally relate to this. Actually I’ve given up on light covered duvets AND sheets now. When my tabby cat molts its hard enough to keep light colours clean. Although she is very clean, so the paw prints weren’t such an issue.

    also i googled broderie anglaise counterpane, and I’m still non the wiser

  6. Yeah, I don’t do light colours anymore. Not that dark colours helps, since my cat is more than half white. At least at this time of year we have the raggedy old blanket on the bed.

    I’ll help: broderie anglaise is that old-fashioned decorative fabric, you know, the stuff that’s often got a scalloped edge and decorative holes with embroidery, often leaves. Picture a Victorian nightie. A counterpane is a bedspread.

  7. it occurs to me in my “coffee hasn’t hit my brain this morning” state, that Jane you could have really sexed up the title of this blog entry

    “Jane’s dirty bedroom shame”.

    That’s how Women’s Weekly would roll 😉

    Now, if you will excuse me, there is a coffee here loudly demanding my attention.

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