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  1. 🙂

    On another note.. Just found out that we have a calibrated “Test Finger” at work…. And I get the joyous job of using it in a few weeks time to poke things with to make sure they comply 😉

      1. Only kind of dodgy… If it prevents a new product accidently electrocuting men when they are poking around with it instead of reading the actual manual, it can’t be all bad 😉

  2. You say that you still love us … but you never call. The romance is gone. I think we should see a relationship therapist.

      1. They made a movie about that. No hang about, that was about seeing dead people.

        Perhaps we should discuss movies, while Jane is gadding about and ignoring our needs.

        I saw the movie “Paul” the other day. Well worth seeing I reckon, especially if you like Brit comedy.

        Also the TV series “Game of Thrones” has just started showing in the US of fried food. Oh my, violence AND nudity. All it needs now is car chases. Although with it being set in a Lord of the Rings type of world, one suspects that car chases are ruled out.

      1. I have watched the whole series (that has been aired so far). You were right in suggesting I watch it 🙂 It is a good fun series, very much like Grey’s, as one would expect from the same creator.

      1. Well they’ve got Dire Wolves so far, and there has been the hint of dragons (but no actual dragon to this point). So, maybe dragon chases?

    1. I watched Paul the other day too, I thought that they went way over the top with the swearing and cursing. It was funny to start with but it got stupid, really quickly. It was like the movie had real potential to be good, but just ended up really amateur-ish and lame.

  3. Jane, I guess you are and dad are watching ‘ the wedding’ I loved it apart from the droning something or other of London.
    He nearly put Kate and Wills to sleep too. Kate wore the most elegant gown!

  4. Partly watched the wedding as other half wanted to see the dress. Amused myself by taking the mickey where possible. 🙂

      1. No Simon not just you, I can’t really finds words to just briefly describe them, but maybe that’s why the Queen looked so annoyed, I mean would you be happy knowing your grand nieces had no taste?.. And were sitting behind you not behind a pillar!

      2. Well, I suppose they are at least representative of the average young British woman…

        I feel I can make this sweeping generalisation since I lived in Britain for 30 years. Is that a valid get-out-of-jail-card?

      3. At least you have the experience rather than a jaundiced view point, but I did have the idea that British girls if only some had an idea of how to dress and wear make up, rather than panda eyes, party hats and silly frocks. At least Kate and her sister looked fabulous!! total class act!!

    1. The “hats” only loosely fit the definition of “hat” I reckon. One of Fergie’s two had antlers, the other one seemed to prefer to cover her face than her head. Plus a huge prevalence of things that looked like satellite dishes. Wonder if that was for improved cell phone coverage in order to tweet and FB updates from within the congregation. 😛

      1. Leon….. Wedding wedding wedding, dresses, flowers, photos, horses, carriges, pretty cake, pageboys, flowergirls, speeches, guests, silly hats, fancy food, lots of classic old cars racing each other up the road…..

        Running for the hills yet? ;D

  5. BAD KT. Go stand in a corner and think about what you’ve done.

    [whack on nose with rolled up newspaper]

    1. Owww… wimper…. sad eyes… retreat to corner, curling up for a nap (secretly scheming next sortie while appearing to be obiediently reflecting on previous actions mwaaaahahahaha…)

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