Thing The First:
I am totally down with the Royal Wedding. I didn’t think I’d care, but I guess I caught the bug in the eleventh hour. Like everyone else, I loved the dress. I also relished the total spectacle of it all – the way everyone stopped for a night and turned on their tellys, and had cups of tea with their mums. As a spectator, I enjoyed the whole grandiose affair, it made me feel like I was witnessing an important event in history. Which I guess I was.

Of course, I don’t much fancy the idea of being a princess. I can’t imagine Kate Princess Catherine had a whole lot of say in much of what happened on her special day. What do you mean I can’t walk down the aisle to Savage Garden’s “Truly Madly Deeply”? And give me one good reason why we can’t recreate the big finale scene in Dirty Dancing for our first dance? I mean COME ON!

Thing The Second:
Well – that week at work was frustrating.  Minor PR disaster on our hands, and then that pesky business of Friday’s brief trip to Sydney being cancelled at 5.30am when the plane was due to take off at 9.00am. The bonus of that rather frustrating situation was that I would be in town for the Breakers final after all. Except I hadn’t bought a ticket because I wasn’t supposed to be in town. So I watched it on the telly while Joel lived it in the stadium. Guess who had a more exciting time? I’ll give you a clue… it wasn’t me. Rats.

Thing The Third:
I have joined the gym again. Don’t laugh! STOP LAUGHING. I mean it, stop laughing. It’s a different gym than the last one – way less scary and intimidating, much less like a cult. Also, a bunch of the girls from work have also joined, so I’m hoping the camaraderie will help to motivate me.

Thing The Fourth:
I ate three donuts on Saturday.

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  1. 1. Only ended up kinda watching and merrily taking the pith because Lil Miss Trouble had commandeered the TV to see the dress. Do you think the mother of the bride feels ripped off that she didn’t get to organise her daughter’s wedding?

    2. Doh.

    3. Having a gym group makes it easier to go more regularly.

    4. Mmmmm, donuts *drool*

  2. 1. Me too. I was all meh about it beforehand, but actually thought it was quite cool. I could live without choosing my down-the-aisle song in exchange for the super-princessey carriage ride at the end!

    2. At least you got to see some of the wedding…?

    3. Not laughing, i promise, more of a bewildered stare of incomprehension. Why do people pay money for torture?

    4. Were they mini-donuts of full-sized, cream-filled ones? I ate a whole bag of those old gold easter eggs (half price now!).

  3. 1. I wasnt planning on watching it either. I just wanted to see the Dress. But i ended up watching most of it and might have got a little caught up in the excitement.

    2. Thats pretty crap, id be more than a little annoyed at that but like JCC said you got to see some of the wedding at least :o)

    3. I join gyms and then go hard out for about 3 months and then end up getting rid of it. A group of friends really does help. The hardest thing I found going in a group was they didnt always want to go at the same time as you or to the same classes so I mostly ended up going on my own, hence it didnt last. Good luck im sure you will do better than I did.

    4. Yum Donuts!!

  4. I feel almost compelled to leave my comments numbered! But I won’t. Just wanted to say ditto, had to ask who the Breakers were on Fri (there isn’t one iota of sportiness in me at all), gym = torture (again with the not one iota of sportiness) and an entire (large) Lindt rabbit trumps your 3 donuts.

  5. First: I saw not an iota of the Wedding, though apparently the world did feel the need to facebook about it. Therefore total avoidance failed.

    Second: Work is supposed to be frustrating isn’t it?

    Third: Joining the gym is good. Although, actually going to the gym is required, having a membership is not in itself going to help you a lot. I’m addicted to gym classes, so it is less crucial that I have gym buddies. It does help though.

    Fourth: hey, so did I! Damn you Pak N Save for having trays of donuts for $4. I was forced to buy a tray, and eat … um … lets just go with “quite a few”.

    But I did go to the gym Saturday, and will again tonight. So it evens out sort of.

  6. I watched the wedding, wasn’t planning to, but really wanted to see the dress and then got kind of sucked in to it. Loved the horse drawn carriage ride through the streets, that was the best part.

    My weekend sucked. It’s crap when you plan to go out to dinner with someone, they feel sick and leave halfway, and then you get to sit there eating your (delicious) food like a lonely little retard. Sigh. Also, on the weekend I ate 7 pieces of Fudge Factory fudge. Nom.

  7. I always knew I was going to get sucked into the wedding, so I wholeheartedly embraced it. I loved her dress, and while I’m pleased to see that her long sleeves might herald an end to this current trend of slinky strapless wedding dresses (which, let’s face it, aren’t always flattering), I’m a little annoyed because I want lace on mine in a couple of years, and now it’ll be all trendy, not different and unusual. Like how I’m not writing this comment with numbered sections.

    I want donuts now.

  8. 1: Got dragged into wanting to watch the wedding after being utterly sick of the hype around the build-up. Glad I did, it was all about the dress afterall, and now I’ve seen it I’m happy to ignore any more press about the thing.

    2: Sucks. I’m just currently trynig to fit something that’s 2mm thick into a space thats 0.05mm wide :-p

    3: Not laughing, good on you. At least you keep trying. I just do heaps of team sports to keep fit, it forces me out the door because I HATE letting others in the team down.

    4: “drool” 🙂

  9. 1. That wedding filled the night with very high spirits which we all needed here in N.Z! Loved every minute of it 🙂

    2. Don’t ya hate it when work interferes with personal plans!

    3. Good on you for joining again. I think if I had a bunch of friends to go with and I didn’t live so far away from a flippin gym, I’d be enthused like you are!

    4. I ate a pie yesterday! The hangover was an all mighty one and it deserved the goodness of a pastry carb loaded pie to sort me out!

  10. 1. I have to admit, I really wasn’t overly interested in the Royal Wedding. Even at the 11th hour i was uninterested. BUT as it was going on I watched a little online, and checked out all the pictures. Her dress was gorgeous, and as expected, very very modest. As gorgeous and lavish as it was, I’m pretty sure most Kiwis would choose something a little more skin-baring lol. BUT the dress she wore to the reception, now THAT was amazing!

    1. Such a pity about being home while Joel is watching the finals. TV is never the same. That always happens to me, work interferes with plans and then, when it is too late to re-make those plans (buy tickets etc), I end up not having to work!

    3. I need to get some friends together and join a gym. I went to one a couple of years ago and I felt so out of place, everyone would say hi to everyone else while i quietly did my thing and hoped nobody noticed me. It was an odd sort of gym though…

    4. My flatmate owns a donut maker. 🙂 mmm

  11. Loved the wedding, managed to hold off the crazy until a week before hand, but there were one or two womens magazine purchases made solely for their wedding content. Mum came over and watched it with me, also there was tea.

    Good luck with the gym, having buddies should make a difference.

    Donuts, yum!

      1. I watched five minutes of that programme once, and vowed never to do it again.

        On the cinammon bun thing – I just wasn’t sure if it was really me

  12. I know.

    1) i didn’t think i’d care. then i was at awe. but oh well right.

    2) i kinda had a really … meh week at work.

    3) i’m still fat. but i have restarted at least 1 exercise thing a day.

    4) i am having brunch at my desk atm.

    love you!

  13. I had a very disappointing pizza bread today from New World. Serves me right for not being organised enough to make lunch at home!

    Today has (so far) involved less idiots than yesterday.

    I think Jane is seeing other blogs behind our backs 🙁

    1. I agree. I think we need a ‘where are we going with this relationship’ talk. You know – the one you always dread.

      1. Phoebe, did you mean ‘it’s not you, its me?’

        Your version seemed a little….mmmm callous.

      2. No Simon, the “it’s not me, it’s you” conversation is completely valid, but only if the circumstances warrent it. Definitely shouldn’t be used willy nilly.

      3. Simon it was tongue in check here, but as KT says it is valid sometimes. You can’t always take the blame for a breakup even if it is easier to do so, but that’s a whole other topic……callous I don’t do

      4. I cant actually imagine saying “its not me, its you”. Maybe I’m just too DAMNED nice!

        But if someone said it to me, I think I’d laugh! Until I realised that they actually meant it. then I’d probably cry. 🙁

      5. You know I have been thinking about this while sitting in the corner and yes I have said it. There are people who can’t or won’t accept that we are not going anywhere and still insist that we are still on etc, and its the only thing that worked. It was received well and no grudges. So please Simon don’t cry, It’s me not you XX

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