Reverse Psychology


Burger buns are full of carbs and sugar anyway…

I am okay with KFC’s Double Down burger. I mean, I haven’t actually tried it so I have no idea if it’s any good flavour-wise and such, but in terms of the weird moral panic that has ensued since the announcement of the burger’s arrival in NZ… I mean seriously. COME ON. It’s a novelty burger, not a lethal overdose of heroin.

All the health professionals I’ve seen interviewed seem unnecessarily up-in-arms about the arrival of the Double Down. It’s as if they think people are going to eat this thing every night for dinner. In reality, most people will probably try it once or twice and that will be the end of it.

It’s not like anyone accidentally fell under the impression that the burger is healthy, so we really don’t need someone’s Mum who works in nutrition to go on the news and tell us the Double Down has a high fat content. No shit lady.

Do these folks think that because there’s a new unhealthy food option available (even if only for a limited time) that everyone is suddenly going to drop their couscous and head for KFC? Well, maybe just once…

I’m going to try the Double Down at some stage, just to piss off the lady who told me not to. Well done KFC, excellent PR there, you totally sucked me in to your delicious eleven-secret-herbs-and-spices trap and as a PR professional myself, I salute you for it.

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  1. The double down controversy is wonderful publicity, and has been sparked up wherever it has been released. I was reading this evil civilisation ending burger of DOOM is coming on my US friend’s facebook pages when it was released there too. This from the US where everything is made with high fructose corn syrup. Go figure.

    It’s KFC … basically it’s going to seem like a good idea to try one, probably when you’re drunk. You’ll try one, and think “that was a bit greasy and horrid”.

    Then your life will go on.

    The lady from the cancer society (Jan) that I saw on one of the TV clips talking about the burger is my old neighbour :-).

    I intend to try one of the “burgers”, because like most people, about every three or four months I’ve forgotten what a letdown their food is, so I try it again.

    But I’m not going to let my gym instructors know that I’ve been to KFC again … that happened once … oh my word, did I get picked on in the next class.

    1. Better hope that your gym instructors do not read this blog then. :-p

      As to the “burger” itself, I share the reasonably common view as expressed by Jane. It’s only fast food, not the end of the world.

      When did it happen that we suddenly needed “experts” to tell us what we can’t eat? Not to mention that if we followed all the “expert advice” we’d basically eat nothing because “everything is bad for us”.

      I may or may not try one. Depends on if I get to Leon’s mentioned three to four month timeframe before the limited time runs out.

  2. Its absolutely crazy how much publicity this “burger” is getting! It’s actually slightly better for you than a BK whopper (presumably with cheese), which is available everywhere, all the time, and is one of their biggest sellers.

    It totally is reverse psychology, all those health-crazed doom and gloom freaks who think its a BAD thing to try one, make it all the more appealing to those of us who tend towards the ‘medium-healthy’ way of thinking in that everything in moderation is fine.

    In saying that, i probably won’t be trying one, i don’t really like KFC all that much, i’d much rather have a whopper (with EXTRA cheese!) 🙂

  3. The way I see it, this ‘burger’ can’t be any worse for you than anything else KFC sells, and is probably better than some, given that there *are* few carbs and sugars because the bread component is missing. I’ve always found KFC’s buns and rolls strangely sweet anyway, taking away that component is a major improvement.

    Basically though, we all know in our heart of hearts that this ain’t health food, I wish the food police would sit down and shut up. It’s just another of many crap food choices we can make if we want to. The trick is not eating like this the time.

    Can’t wait to try it, just once, for the novelty value.

    1. Oopsie, that should read ‘fewer carbs and sugars’. Stupid dyslexic fingers…

      And yet they can spell ‘dyslexic’ today, go figure! 🙂

  4. This new “burger” appears to me to be a Man Burger. The ones really wanting to try it are generally men (or boys in my children’s case). I’ll probably get it for them once… just to see what all the hype is about, but then they’ll probably realise that it’s like all the other KFC food and too greasy and sits heavily in the bottom or their stomach.

    Fantastic marketing on behalf of KFC tho. It would have cost a fortune to buy this much air time, and they’ve essentially got it for free.

    Leon, would Jan appreciate you calling her “Old”? and what gym? so we can warn them you’ve been scoffing unhealthy food 😉

    1. I’ve been very quiet on facebook about the double-down, so my gym instructors know nothing … it’s damn dangerous having gym people as facebook friends. Makes you a much easier target, as they have so much more information about you to use against you 🙂

      1. Ahhhh…. so you have tried it.
        Hill sprints, now. No not the little hill, that big one over there. It’s called a hill SPRINT for a reason, get out of the car and move those legs, push it, PUSH IT. Time to work off that lump of lard you ate.

        …. unless you haven’t actually eaten one yet, in which case, ignore the above 😀

  5. I’m always a bit confused about the bacon in fast food restaurants. It LOOKS like bacon, but not like real bacon. It looks like plastic bacon. Does anyone know what’s going on with this bacon? And do you think I should write the word ‘bacon’ again in this post?

  6. Im not that big KFC I like their hot n spicy chicken when that comes around every once in a while but I find the original stuff too greasy.

  7. Yeah, I thought this too. Those health professionals and the media are giving KFC the kind of publicity you can’t buy. Do they not see this? I’m sure a lot of people are thinking ‘screw you, you preachy health freaks, I’m going to have one just to spite you’. And it’s only available for a few weeks anyway!

    I won’t be trying one, but that’s because I object to the factory-farmed chicken and bacon, not because I give a shit (can I say that here?) about the fat content. Compare it with other offerings from other fast food chains and it’s about the same nutritionally.

  8. I dont think ill bother trying it, it looks revolting. I dont mind the normal fillet burger and love potato and gravey but this, while not being anymore unhealthy that any other burger, just looks like meat over load.


  9. So we tried the ‘burger’ today. And it was fine. Quite tasty.

    Don’t feel like I need another one, though.

  10. The controversy surrounding this burger is amazing! I go to KFC maybe once or twice a month, and I haven’t tried everything (I haven’t yet tried the Double Down) but everyone knows that KFC is full of fat. No question. As is pretty much every other fast food on the market. And why would this new burger be any different? Heck, if people choose to eat it every night, then they deserve to have a heart attack, but i honestly don’t think there is anyone quite that stupid in New Zealand.

    I can’t wait to try one!

    1. Yeah there are people that stupid, but the huge majority aren’t.

      With AndiNZ’s review, not sure if i’ll actually bother giving it a try.

  11. I think I will just stay with Nadia’s Healthy and Jax’s sexy food
    Healthy and Sexy sound good to me…?

  12. Were the Heart Attack Grill to roll up in NZ, I am sure that the health dept. would go into cardiac arrest – without even tasting one of their special Quadruple Bypass Burgers. LOL 🙂

  13. How’s are the gym sessions going Jane? Feeling good?

    Will someone please fire the weatherman. Prediction for yesterday, Rain, so it was fine and sunny . Prediction for today and until 25th fine and sunny, so today is windy freezing, cloudy with rain threatening… [ that word looks wrong] Kapiti is having Wellington weather! Never mind it is warm inside.
    Got some Vitamin D to boost the system against the winter blues…it works !!

    1. One of the guys at work just showed me his vitamin D pills, and lo and behold there was a little sign on the bottle that said they were “mood enhancing” – go figure. Learn’t something twice today 😀

      1. Very cool to find someone else using them. I found this out last winter after testing low for Vit D, one per day for ten days then one a month made a big difference to the overall chirpy factor, indeed mood enhancing plus it helps to boost the immune system too which I badly need.

      2. I am reliably informed that Vitamin D is the answer to many of our health problems. I’ve read some of the journal articles, and the case is actually rather compelling. But you have to get Cal D Forte prescribed by your doctor to get a big enough dose. And yes, relief of anxiety and depression is one of the supposed effects.

      3. Simon, So have had a Vit D test yet? and got the Cal D forte.? I am a naturally positive, extrovert even, person so I don’t take it for the blues but it is a flow on effect anyway. I like my Blues when someone is blowing a mean horn.

      4. The best evidence is that it protects against heart disease and various cancers (I think anyway, will have to look back at the papers). Trials are ongoing (Uni of Auckland is doing one), but results wont be out for a few years yet, at least. But the evidence – for me anyway – is compelling enough for me to have been getting it prescribed for the last three years. One tablet every fortnight – with no side-effects – is nothing against the potential benefits.

      1. Ah, thank you.

        I hope no-one esle is reading this string or they will be retching, possibly even vomiting.

      2. Oh Simon, your concern over our collective gastro health is so sweet 🙂

        Has given me a giggle on a Friday afternoon tho.

    2. The gym is going pretty good. I sort of love it and hate it all at once – that’s normal, right? I think I need to get my hands on some Vitamin D – I’m a shocker when it comes to winter blues

  14. I still haven’t tried one of these burgers … curiousity hasn’t overwhelmed my suspicion that this is going to be a letdown.

    That they do a hot and spicy version makes it slightly more likely I’ll have one, if only to upset the healthy living people by my not immediately dropping dead.

  15. Amazing marketing campaign by Colonel Sanders, for the price of a few DoubleDowns they had Mark Sainsbury and John Campbell both advertising the product the night before its launch.
    Cool blog by the way

      1. Yup, still here. Do you think the “fun police” were all removed? Could be an interesting exercise to find out 😉

      1. Hi Jane- Congratulations on the Blog award !!, totally deserved.
        I would be interested [ so probably would the Ak Uni study] ask Simon, to know how Vit D, the Cal D Forte version from the Doc, might affect your blues / depression. I have family, as do many others who get depressed and find Vit D helps. Nothing is a wonder drug but if a Vit D deficiency is part of the cause and can be remedied then that’s fantastic.
        Anything that makes life easier and people happier is a good thing…well is it not? And yes can imagine the pith already. Just call me Polly[ana]

      2. Good on for you being a Pollyanna!

        Its a lovely story too. That idea of ‘finding something good out of everything that happens’ is one of the most important lessons we can learn in life. Just wish I was one of those people it came naturally to. Damned genes.

      3. Today is a good day to be Polly, I have just heard a very close friend’s mother has a couple of months to live.She has been an amazing mother to her children and is well known and loved in her community who are rallying around the whanau in a wonderful way showing love and practical support to ensure they have what they need. I am blessed to know such wonderful people.

      4. That’s so sad 🙁

        And yet these awful tragedies have the possibility of making us feel so grateful to be ailve, and feeling grateful to be alive is one of the loveliest feelings I know.

        Geez, I am REALLY sappy today.

      5. My cousin’s wife – age about 45, and a lovely person – has recently been diagnosed with terminal bowel cancer. She has a two-year old girl, two older boys, and a husband. She just held her own wake – she figured she would miss out otherwise. I couldn’t go (wrong country), but my Dad said she was amazing. Feel humbled, sad, and grateful.

      6. These women are so incredibly brave and gracious, wonderful people who inspire by their calm acceptance. I have tried to plan ahead but seem to like each day too much to be able to plan the future

      7. I’m slowly coming round to the thinking that calm acceptance is probably the key to contentment

      8. Absolutely! it is, Every time I think I have got there tho I get a wake up call.To live life in happy mode as it’s so short.

        I am Phoebe1 as there have been other Phoebe’s popping up on Stuff Blogs but only once here ages ago

      9. So, you must be like an original Phoebe, only improved upon. Like an Ipad2, that sort of thing. A better Phoebe, basically.

      10. There appear to be a few Simon’s commenting on various places, how do you define yourself? Simone perhaps?

      11. I THINK I’m the only Simon on this site, but there are other Simon’s on the stuff blogs. Don’t know how that happened. Dupid Stuff people!

  16. Tried the quasi burger on the weekend. Greasy, but not very exciting. 3/10 (which is about what I rate all KFC other than the Zinger Tower Burger).

    1. Tried it Monday. Got 1/2 way through and couldn’t manage any more. The kids had to finish it for me. Been there, done that now, don’t need to again. Damn those health professionals, I probably wouldn’t have tried it if they hadn’t made such a fuss :-/

  17. I waited and waited, watched the clock, waited some more, damn, no golden glory for me.The guy hasn’t surfaced yet has he

    1. Phoebe1, just have to quote this from James Griffin’s piece in the Herald in the weekend re the rapture.

      “…when it says in Cleeseiastes 6:66 that:

      “And man shall sit at his table to eat, but where there was bread there shall be no bread; and where there had once been bread there shall instead be chicken. And lo, man will cry out in fear at the sign of the two pieces of chicken, acting as if bread, enrobing the cheese and the bacon. But man will not be able to resist the chicken, masquerading as bread, and man shall eat of the chicken, and double will be their torment as they are dragged down to the fires of hell.”

      1. Oh that was so funny!!!. I like chicken so I’m doomed… uummm… double doomed
        I can cope with the Heaven idea sort of, not too sure I would actually want to be with a lot of killjoys, but anyway, To me Hell does not exist. And who wants a Heaven full of a lot of guys like Harold Camping! Lets me out for sure. I’ll wait for the next bus.
        Just wait for his excuses tomorrow.

  18. So *that* why we didn’t get raptured. Too much KFC, meant we were all too FAT to be sucked up into heaven.

  19. I’m sorry, I feel like I shouldn’t be part of this conversation but I have to say it. Zinger double down… perfection in edible form. It’s like KFry looked into my brain and made it just for me. Possibly the best greasy, hangover curing Sunday lunch ever.
    Just sayin…

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