I’d just like to thank…

Well something pretty awesome happened on Friday night…

I won an award. More specifically, I won a Canon Media Award for Best Online Commentary/Blog for The Girls Guide. This is a very big deal to me because I devoted a lot of time and headspace to that blog for three years, and I haven’t won anything since I was twelve, so yeah, a big deal for sure.

There wasn’t an opportunity to do a little thank you speech at the awards because they rattle through the many categories at an incredible pace, but if I had been able to step up to the mic I would have thanked you lot. I’m not sure that many ex-Girls Guide readers are now visiting this blog, but for those of you who have been following my ramblings from there to here… THANK YOU.

I know I haven’t blogged much lately, but that’s because things have been going on. Our house is in disarray because we are doing up the bedrooms. All the furniture from our room and the spare room is littered around the house. We’re sleeping in the lounge (which is as close as I’ll ever get to being allowed a telly in the bedroom) and everything is all topsy turvy. It will be a few weeks before we can move back into our bedroom, and I think when that happens I will likely cuddle the new carpet and kiss the new walls.

Work has also been busy, but is now looking more settled.

So – without making any rash promises – I should be popping in here more often from now on.

How are you?

34 thoughts on “I’d just like to thank…

  1. Congratulations Jane!! You deserve more than one award for The Girls Guide. Since you stopped blogging on Stuff I actually don’t visit the site anymore… getting much more done at work though haha.
    Hope everything goes well on the home front 🙂 aren’t renovations fun!

    From one of your loyal Girls Guide followers,
    Miss miss xo

  2. Congrats. 🙂

    Know the feeling on the renovation front. Spent most of the last 2 years with a house in various states of dis-assembly.
    It’s good to make progress though.

  3. Congratulations Jane! Very well deserved.
    Am also one of your loyal Girls Guide followers who have jumped ship to this blog. Also don’t visit the Stuff website much anymore either!
    Renovating can be a bit tedious, but is all worth it in the end! Enjoy!
    Aimee xx

  4. Well done Jane. But how does it feel to finally get rewarded for your blog…. that you are not doing anymore?

  5. Congratulations Jane, from another former Girl’s Guide reader. 🙂

    Renovating is a huge nuisance, but worth it. I’m getting keen to tear parts our our little shack apart again to tidy them up, seems a bit odd with winter coming on, but got to get it done when the mood strikes, eh? Finishing the bedroom off sounds like a great idea.

  6. Congrats Jane, you totally deserve that – your blog generated a lot of really good discussions on stuff.

    Also I am super glad to hear that I’m not the only meaning who wont have a tv in the bedroom!

    1. When you wrote ‘meaning’, did you mean ‘one’, or does meaning have another meaning I don’t know of?

      Even I’m confused by that sentence.

      Cos its hard to see how ‘meaning’ and ‘one’ could have got mixed up, unless you either have 1. a very strange computer or 2. a very strange mind.

      1. yes meanie, or mean one. Im not sure. I have a teething baby who needs a lot of night time cuddles making me low on sleep and unable to proof read apparently

  7. Congrats Jane, you so deserve it. 😀

    I’m currently slowly buying the stuff to do up my ensuite, then once I have it all will get a plumber and builder to do their bits. Can’t wait but could still be a year before it gets finished. Why do bathrooms have to cost so much?

  8. Congratulations Jane! I too no longer visit Stuff since your departure – your blog was obviously very influential on Stuff’s website traffic!

  9. Hi ya Jane,
    I was stoked for you, it is/was a fantastic blog and deserved the award.
    Hope everyone follows you over here and continues to enjoy your quirky writing style.

    And here’s to PBTM also getting an award in a years time.

  10. Congrats Jane! Was stoked for you when I saw it reported on stuff. Your stuff blog is sorely missed so it’s great to be able to still ‘hang out’ here.

  11. Yay Congrats! It was a great blog and I miss it heaps.

    House renovations suck. Dont you wish you could wave your wand and have everything perfect without all the hard work and mess?

  12. Hey, thatnis fantastic news – so glad you won an award for your work at TGG – it was a really cool blog filled with challenging, and personal sharing from you that gave it an intimacy that I have not really encountered before, except perhaps in Julia And Julie (or the other way round – I forget 🙂 ). So well done and keep on blogging!

    Oh, and apart from a fairly severe winter storm on Monday, we’re good, thank you. Have a wonderful day!

  13. Congratulations!
    I am too one of your loyal Girl’s Guide followers, and although i do regularly still visit the site, I’m struggling to find another interesting blog to keep up with (aside from this one of course!) Strangely enough I’ve found myself reading PG Parental Guidance Advised quite a lot, which is strange because I don’t have kids… but I’ve certainly learned a lot about poop lately…

    If anyone deserves an award on that website, it is you.

    Your house sounds exciting, do we get to see pictures?

    I used to have the “no tv in the bedroom” rule, but it started when i got very very sick and my sleep pattern was ruined, and when i ran out of books (i was sick for 18 months) and wasn’t “allowed” to go out to the library, so my helpful flatmate loaned me a TV and DVD player and filled my room with DVDs, and when i eventually started to get better an interesting side effect had occurred… I CAN’T sleep without the tv on anymore. I tried Ipod under the pillow, i tried radio, i tried fan i tried heater, but the only things that can put me to sleep without the TV are sleeping pills (and I’m not allowed any more of them lol

    So i bought a power saving TV with a timer, and put it in my bedroom!

  14. many gratz 😀 for the award.

    how’s everything else going? i’m still following this blog and twitter!

  15. congratulations, you so deserved an award! I really miss the regularity of The Girls Guide blogs! Hence why I follow you on here!

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