A world gone topsy turvy

Whoops, I didn’t mean for a fortnight to pass between entries. And after promising to write more often as well… I’m such an arse.

I guess I have been taking advantage of  the fact I don’t have to write so regularly, though there have definitely been moments of late when I’ve thought (and even said out loud) “if I still had a blog I’d write about this”. Except that I do still have a blog. Must remember that.

Leroy is staying with us now, and he hasn’t been too much trouble. In a week and a half he has pee’d twice and pooped once inside, but only on the lino so no biggie really. That’s a vast improvement on when he was permanently living with us and would pee and poop inside on a daily basis. He’s been getting on fine with Stella, and they only seem to go for each other’s throats occasionally.

I write to you from my bed in the lounge. It’s been nearly four weeks since our life went all topsy turvy because we moved all our bedroom furniture into the lounge, and half the lounge furniture into the dining room,  and all the spare room furniture into the study. The bedrooms will be painted tomorrow, and the carpet goes down next Monday. Then we can move back into our bedroom and I will bow down to the God of Home Renovation and thank him for finally showing us mercy.  That is to say, I am over being displaced.

Sleeping in the lounge has made everything about life all a bit weird. For some reason it’s harder to keep my normal routine and it’s also difficult to keep the house clean and tidy. Joel thinks it might be because our bed is facing the opposite direction to what it normally does and it’s messing with my head.

Hey, here’s something, the builders threw away our blinds from the bedrooms. Seriously, what the heck, right? We were planning on replacing them with curtains eventually but they didn’t know that, and we certainly weren’t planning on having to replace them quite so soon. They had taken down the blinds to do their building-y stuff, and then just hiffed them out with all the other renovation rubbish – presumably by accident. So yesterday we looked into some new options for window furnishing, and HOLY HECK window dressings have increased a lot since my days working at Levene’s. Suffice to say, all the reno work we’re doing is costing more than we anticipated. This is not new information to anyone who has ever undertaken any home improvement activity of course.

Doing up the bedrooms has done my head in. I can’t imagine what fun will be in store when we get around to tackling the bathrooms and kitchen. My eyes glaze over and throat closes up a little at the thought.

Okay, it’s 11.42am and Joel is busy sanding in the bedrooms while I am still in my PJs, so I’d best get up and give him a hand. Gah – what a shit way to spend a beautiful sunny Sunday. The novelty of DIY-ing has definitely worn off.

Please tell me your renovation stories so I don’t feel so alone, okay? I shall leave you with a shot of the spare room at the height of the destruction:

11 thoughts on “A world gone topsy turvy

  1. Jane, I feel your pain. We have been slowly fixing up our place for more than 10 years now, as time, energy and funds allow. When we started, the place needed EVERYTHING – we had a bathroom that contained only a bath (no basin or useful shower) in a shed outside, we had no power and no form of heating. We camped here for nearly a month while sorting out those basics.

    Since then, we have converted the spare bedroom into a bathroom (and needed to rip out the floor and wall linings to achieve it), built garage and shed, and done various other improvements.

    I should be working today on getting everything together for a friend to draft building plans for an extension so that we can have a decent kitchen, another bedroom and a laundry that is not (still) in a shed. I am so over this reno thing, can’t wait for the day it’s finished.

  2. I feel it too, no kitchen sink since August! – well technically we have now got the kitchen sink but it still doesn’t have plumbing ie water so that doesn’t really count aye…

  3. We have a new kitchen arriving in a couple of weeks and are trying to prepare ourselves for D-week. We have cleared out the spare room to house all of our food and kitchen utensils and have been measuring doorways etc to make sure our cabinets and the granite top will actually be able to fit into the house. We are hoping like heck that we will only be without a kitchen for a few days between removing the old one and installing the new one, then using a temporary top for a week or so before our granite is installed, but that depends on it being finished quickly as a favour … fingers crossed, right?

    1. I am definitely keen to hear an update on how long those “few days” actually turn into. Not that I don’t have faith in your trusty workers of course, it’s just that the God of Home Renovation is not much of a team player.

  4. Hmmm, sounds and looks quite drastic. Whilst I don’t have a particular tale to share, I can resonate with you on costs – they certainly do tend to spiral, and seem to be globally ridiculous. Anyway, I think that the vendors who sell these items know us well – the stages of the project are carefully defined, delirious enthusiasm…quiet determination…abject desperation…raging insanity. And because they know us so well, they also know the lengths to which we are prepared to go to complete our simple projects that have gone on for three months longer than was planned.

    Se la vi (or something like that)

      1. There is a psychology questionnaire on stress levels in life, and the highest rating are– home renovation, new job and moving house. All guaranteed to drive you bonkers.They say you should never do too many stressful things at once——not always possible not to but ….

  5. I too feel your pain. Spent several months with the “kitchen” consisting of a microwave, toaster and breadboard on the lounge floor with the new kitchen sitting in boxes next to it.
    That was two years ago now and the new kitchen finally got the last hardware in January when we laid the new floor and installed the kickboards. Just some last painting to do and that room is complete.

    Bathroom was a little less of a saga but involved removing a wall and swapping the placement of the toilet and bath.

    Completed one of the spare rooms first, then moved into that so the lounge, then other two bedrooms could be done.

    Remaining to be done is the laundry and hallway plus exterior painting, a fence and spouting replacement. Laundry wall repairs and plumbing have been done. Sanding has been started. Spouting has been started also. Just need more fine weekends to complete it.

    I’m also familiar with builders biffing out or wrecking useful stuff. Was not impressed.

  6. One of the most sensible decisions I ever made was to not get renovations done on my house. I think if I ever did, I would end up babbling.

  7. What I find most amusing is the top ad below your blog is for Kresta Blinds & Curtains… It’s been a long day! My amusement level is low.

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