1. pepperann says

    Looking good! We renovated (pretty much an entire rebuild) our bathroom and separate loo last year. We did this during winter because that was when our builder friend was available to work for mates rates. It was torture. A 12 day job turned into three weeks without a shower and 9 days without a loo! Three weeks without a shower for a household of six (three teenagers, a 10 yo and us parents) equals chaos, madness! Luckily, my mum lives next door so we utilised her shower and wharepaku but the poor women was nearly driven mad by her moko’s. It is very cool to have a real shower and not some dribble of water over the bath but the whole “renovating the bathroom” experience” has scarred me for life! Two kids rooms need doing but it is still too soon, me scared………

  2. Jane says

    Yeah, I’m suitably scared about tackling bathrooms and kitchen… and there’s only two of us!

    I should point out that the paint colour isn’t quite as apple green as it looks in the pic up there. That’s rather misleading

    • Just make sure you have a backup plan in place as inevitably something will not go according to plan and you’ll end up without some of the plumbing for a night or two.

      Just remember, BBQ’s work well as cook tops and Chch residents will have plenty of advice about temporary toileting facilities.

  3. Michael says

    Looks like time to start counting the days to normality! Way to go 🙂

  4. Phoebe1 says

    Curious though Jane, what colour curtains will you put with the green walls.I have sage curtains, and pale sage walls [ new and already here when I arrived ] and they are an absolute sod to co-ordinate anything with to make is look brighter yet warm. They actually suck all the light out of the room.

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