Little bits

Crappy tradesmen can kiss my ass. Not literally of course.

One of the light bulbs in the dining room exploded without warning tonight.

We bought new fluffy white towels and some flannelette sheets today.

The carpet is being installed tomorrow.

The ad for Bridesmaids on the telly doesn’t do the movie justice. It’s rather good.

I gave myself a French Manicure yesterday and it is totally passable.

What about you?

25 thoughts on “Little bits

  1. I didn’t have any sort of manicure, ever. :-p

    It’s hard to find good tradespeople.

    Weekend was very social and involved significant food quantities.

    No progress on the house as it was too wet.

  2. Cat has a thing by his nose that has to be biopsied on Wednesday. It only appeared a couple of weeks ago and it’s getting weirder looking almost by the day – so hoping, fingers crossed, holding my horseshoe, clutching my four-leaf clover, that it’s nothing to worry about.

    Went to New Plymouth at the weekend, bought some awesome earrings and slept right through the tornado.

    Making some headway on not biting my nails and letting them grow, so maybe I can do myself a French manicure sometime soon too!

    And the dress I drafted from scratch is coming along, just need to sort out the armholes. Next step: finding me some fabric for it.

  3. My bedroom light bulb blew, and now when I put a new one in, it flashes every couple of minutes. Don’t know why? Can’t sleep with a slow-strobe light going off so now I have no lightbulb in my bedroom 🙁

    Got too drunk on Saturday and felt sick on Sunday, but by the evening felt better and sweated out the last of the hangover playing sports.

    I am very tired today and considering leaving work early to go home and sleep!

    1. I had the same light flash thing but an electrician told me it was due to a cheap type of ecco bulb. So changed back to the old type and no more problems. My new expensive? variety of ecco bulb from the local Council are fine, we get two or three a year free.They are the ugly twisted version but doesn’t really matter. But if it keeps flashing maybe call an elecrician

    2. Had same problem with a cheap flouro bulb, really annoying when trying to sleep. Same prob also at a motel once, complained but they wouldn’t change it or believe me that it was because it was one of the cheap ones. One of the few items that got really do get what you pay for :-/

    3. Oh cool! Thanks 🙂 We have a mix of the cheap ones and the more expensive twisty kind, I haven’t noticed the other cheapie ones flashing, but they could be. I’ll try an expensive one and hope it doesn’t do it! (The previous bulb didn’t do it before it blew and it was a twisty one).

  4. Shopping Saturday, the cost of which never ceases to amaze/scare/dismay/shock me – take your pick – and after that, for the first time in a long time, did absolutely nothing – I watched the golf and it was great to watch Rory McIlroy win, but for the rest it was a veg-weekend! I would love to do more of those 🙂

    Have a great week!

  5. *pops in*
    -thesis progressing so slowly I could sob
    – all lights in parents house (dont ask) are the super dim eco kind that makes me feel kinda blind.
    -dogs currently having some kind of ninja fight downstairs. eep.
    -dont do nails (im a biter, tsssssk) but would really like to have hair cut/colour. must get around to actually booking that,.

    *scurries back to thesis.*

  6. played netball in the miserable weather, endured a few more aftershocks, you know the norm!
    I so love new flannelette sheets, they are so warm when you first get into bed!
    I’m wanting to see the movie bridesmaids so thanks for the recommendation. The previews I saw made it look pretty good.

  7. Had a lazy weekend playing computer games and watching telly coz the weather was crap.

    Out for dinner with workmates on Saturday night, yummy food and good fun.

    More computer and tv on Sunday coz the weather was still crap.

    The most I achieved all weekend was hauling out the breadmaker and allowing it to make us a yummy cinnamon loaf! (Supposed to be cinnamon raisin, but I had no raisins and wasn’t going out into the aforementioned crap weather just for those).

    Decided to knock the running thing off for the winter, as the last few weeks it has been nearly impossible to psych myself into going out in the cold. Down one and a half clothes sizes, and had to buy new clothes as a result – pretty happy with that, and I will pick it up again first week of September, as I started to really enjoy it. Something else to look forward to in the spring! Will review if the new clothes start getting too tight! 🙂

  8. I saw Bridesmaids on Saturday night and it was great! Wasn’t expecting much as I didn’t know any of the actresses and hadn’t heard anything about it, but I thought it was hilarious!

  9. Guess I just can’t help myself, Jane how exactly did rhinos test your carpet…did they have a party or pooh

  10. A week late, but been to busy to internet!

    Finally went to see my boyfriend’s new band play, and was actually really impressed (previous band really average), they were tight, and they had the crowd eating out of their hands!

    Discovered that during the day when I’m not home my kitten has been pooing behind the couch.

    Finally a sunny Saturday so managed to get the house aired and all the washing done (although not dry yet…)

    Boss rang me just before 2pm and told me I was late for work, told me i should have been there at 1, I stressed out and then he said “haha, just kidding, but can you come in”? sigh, there goes my day off this week.

    Found out I am basically the “teachers pet” at work. I mean to say at least that I’m the only one that currently isn’t in trouble. (there are only 6 staff members, so its not as huge as it sounds) Still, i feel that being a supervisor, and constantly working on my days off, and always having to send out the nasty letters that make customers angry should mean i get a pay rise… i suspect that he doesn’t feel the same way

    BTW i like the green in your room

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