Slow progress

Hi you guys. Apologies for being slack.

This entry isn’t going to be witty and colourful because today I came down with the sickness and I’m struggling to put my words in the correct order, let alone be  clever about it.

I really want to be able to show you photos of the work we’ve done on the bedrooms but progress is slow, and I don’t want to show you until all the boxes are ticked. Since we last spoke the blinds have gone up (I’m really happy with them) and we’ve bought hinges and ordered door handles, but the doors themselves are still leaning against the hall walls.

We realised that we can’t really seal the doors while the weather is so bad as we don’t have a space inside that’s big enough to coat them and then dry them with decent ventilation. Not having doors is driving me crazy, so we’re just going to hang them in the meantime and then seal them when spring comes to town. I’m hoping that we can get them up this week because it’s really flippin weird not having doors. Especially when it comes to going to the loo.

*  *  *

I wrote all that yesterday, and then I guess I just gave up, rolled over and went to sleep. Today involved a lot more of the same – I took the day off work in the hope of kicking this cold, but it just got worse throughout the course of the day. Come evening time I had convinced myself that I’d developed some sort of fatal aneurism because I was experiencing a headache like I’d never known, but after a few hours and a few painkillers my head is feeling much better. Am not going to die after all.

It’s getting late and I’d like to make it into work tomorrow, so I should probably tuck myself up in bed. Hope you guys are doing okay!

29 thoughts on “Slow progress

  1. Oh yeah, THAT. Can’t tell you much as it’s not really my project, I was just helping out. But if all goes well hopefully you can actually watch the short film one day soon…

  2. Get well soon! Cant wait for pix. Oh and when you get real bad cold. Put a bowl next to your bed with boiling water, 2 drops of lavander n 2 drop of tea tree jus b4 u sleep. Will breathe easy thru the nite! I swear by it

  3. Poor Jane! Hope you feel better soon. I can sympathise as i feel the dreaded lurgy coming too. Lots of lemon honey drinks and yummy new season oranges and chocolate should do the trick.

  4. Get well soon Jane. The Sickness is not fun.

    Also familiar with un-hung doors. And the biggest problem being the exterior door that had the paint stripped of the door step. Now can’t paint it until summer as the wood keeps absorbing moisture which leads to the side effect of swelling and making the door stick.

  5. @Jeremy I can vouch for blankets with arms (and a hood in my case, somewhat monkish) being one of the BEST Winter purchases I’ve made. Recommended along with Healtheries Be Well Tea. Nom.

    1. That sounds very snugly, where did you buy it? I have a snuggle sack but it’s a bit heavy and restricting so something in that super soft micro fleece is what I’m after…I think.

      1. I couldn’t reply to the one below, but is there a way we can establish if I am the Jeremy you think I am?

        I’m probably not, but it could be fun to try and find out.

      2. Must be the wrong Jeremy, the guy I was thinking of can sign for the world and is hot as well……

      3. Sorry Phoebe, must be another Jeremy. Of course if I’d replied from home instead of work I could have done this facebook thing and it would have made it all very clear!

    2. I also have inherited a snugglesack somewhere along the line. Either I am too tall for it, or it is too short for me. Either way, it’s generally just used as a blanket.

      Does sound fun with a monkish hood though

      1. If you are the Jeremy I think you are it’s way too short for you! but yes they are fine as a blanket

  6. Things always look and feel worse when one feels unwell, and after having ‘camped’ in your home for so long. It’s been quite a journey, and probably one of the reasons that you’re not well. Perhaps you should take it easy for a few days and rest – and hopefully one of your local friends has a garage that they can make available to you for a few days to get your doors painted and done?

    Maybe you guys should take a few days off and go someplace nice – take some soul time out and just rest 🙂 Come back refreshed and things may even look better!

    Well, that’s all the pop advice I can offer. Stay warm and hope you feel better in the morning! By the way, the carrot cake recipe was delicious 🙂

  7. the best thing about having no doors is not having to get up to let the dog in and out of the room. When our doors were missing we hung sheets – dog goes in, dog goes out and we got to stay seated on the couch!

  8. Pith take
    Renaissance man..are you there? Jane has forgone our attention to play screen writer. Shall we write our own screen play…..actors needed apply here.

  9. I’ve come down with the icky lurgy too in the last couple of days 🙁 feel for you and hope you get better really quickly. Thought I might have miraculously avoided it this winter, alas not. Hopefully I won’t fall asleep watching Harry Potter tonight, tough job being a mum “having” to take your children to see cool movies 😉

    1. I’m sure you won’t fall asleep! Enjoy it.

      Also.. I don’t know how on earth mums look after kids when they’re feeling sick! Kudos.

    1. They did a 90 min feature length last year and it was great. I guess it went down well so they’re doing the same this year. CAN’T WAIT.

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