Tastes like door

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Not a very good quality shot I know, but I posted this on Twitter the other day and figured you guys might want to see how our doors turned out… so here you go:



  1. JCC says

    Very nice. Makes you wonder why someone painted them. Have a nice relaxing weekend!

    • Jane says

      They didn’t just paint them, they also had them covered in a thin layer of plywood, so the paneling couldn’t be appreciated either!

      • dragonzflame says

        Thank dog they didn’t wreck them. They’re gorgeous!

    • Jane says

      I actually think the old camera phone shot does the colour a disservice. It’s much nicer in reality! I’ll get some proper pics up when the whole room is finished

  2. Phoebe1 says

    Love the doors, can’t imagine the mentality covering that up

  3. Kim says

    LOVE the paint colour – a little like our pistachio mixers 😀

    • Kimberley says

      I cant decide between that and almond cream! I cant find a store with either in stock to get a good idea of the colours. I am leaning towards almond so I can match the food processor when i get that. (how sad do I sound)

  4. Kim says

    Almond cream is so hot right now 😀 I got mine second hand so didn’t have a choice on colour

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