A little favour if you would…

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I’m not going to tell you whose handiwork it is, but I think you might be able to guess. The author would like you to please excuse the typos.



11 thoughts on “A little favour if you would…

  1. I hate reading things like this, “I’m not going to tell you whose handiwork it is, but I think you might be able to guess”.

    Argh! Now I MUST KNOW. Although if the name in the byline is anything to go by, then am I right in thinking it may be the actress who had that name on her TV show?

    I have been watching Americas Next Top Model as well, there’s some really ‘interesting’ looking girls in that this season.

    1. Now why would I be so interested in making sure you read and like the column, hmmm? And perhaps the pseudonym was chosen because the writer is a longtime fan of Shortland Street?

  2. ^ lol. too funny.
    liked the page. think nztm is pretty good, but having not watched the american one is yeaaaaaaars (or should i say cycles?) saw it the other day, and zomg. makes nzs one look like a backyard production. 😛

  3. true true. still, I would like to see a ‘panel’ where the nzntm judges are judged by the antm ones – that would be hilarious !!

  4. You write this! Classic, I knew there was a reason I liked it so much. Keep up the good work Jane – your blog is just about the best part about NZNTM. The best part is of course CMJ

    1. I can’t take all the credit (or blame depending on your opinion). I wrote the one I’ve linked to up there, but only co-wrote the last one, and haven’t been involved in any of the previous NZNTM Power Rankings at all. The regular writer is overseas so the job fell on my shoulders a little. I’m away next week so my good buddy will be writing the next one, and then it’s back to the regular dude.

      As for CMJ? I couldn’t agree more.

  5. Scarlett Valentine, LOL, you big shorty fan Jane! couldn’t you find a more secretive pseudonym. Sorry I do not follow NZNTM , the way the contestants speak makes me cringe ! (newslands nixt top moldle )

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