Won’t it be strange when we’re all fully grown

So here’s something… I’m old enough now that bands I idolised in my youth are doing reunion tours. I’m that old lady who’s arranging a special trip to Sydney to see one of those bands play live this week.


I’ll be flying Air New Zealand, staying at a hotel, wearing comfy shoes and keeping all my tickets and travel confirmations in one of those travel wallet thingys. Did I mention that I spent some time researching to ensure we got a great deal on the hotel that includes free breakfast, high speed internet and a room upgrade? Or that I have pre-booked parking at the airport? I am VERY rock and roll, being spontaneous, living on the edge and all that.


Were I young and it were a new hip new band I’d be flying Jetstar on borrowed money, crashing on someone’s couch and planning on getting as little sleep as possible so as to make the most of my trip. Also, I would probably not using the word “hip” when I mean “cool”.


As it stands, I am very much looking forward to some downtime at the hotel, and mostly looking forward to the concert. Don’t freak out that I’m not planning a huge array of activities when I hit Sydney – I’ve been there sixteen times (just checked my passport), so this isn’t exactly new territory for me.


The band I’m going to see, by the way, is Pulp. I saw them play the North Shore Events Centre in Auckland a thirteen years ago, and I interviewed Jarvis Cocker in Sydney a few years back – lovely man, very tall with large hands. That’s really all I remember about the interview as I was genuinely star struck.


I am so flippin’ excited about seeing this band play again. If any band can make me feel nineteen again, it’s Pulp.


Which bands define your youth? And if you’re still enjoying your youth (you lucky sod), who do you think will stir this sort of nostalgia for you in years to come?







11 thoughts on “Won’t it be strange when we’re all fully grown

  1. “Which bands define your youth?”
    Not all bands but music that defined my youth.
    The clash ,INXS, David Bowie ,Men at Work, Bruce Springsteen and the E-st band ,Tom Petty & the Heart breakers, Prince, The Cars, Billy Joel , Guns N’ Roses , Def Leopard , Dire Straits , John Cougar Mellencamp,Bryan Adams etc etc πŸ™‚ oh to be young again

      1. If you were referring to me as the “What s/he said” ? I am a he lol:P
        and yes it is very sad Clarence Clemons passed away πŸ™
        But the BOSS (Bruce Springsteen) had this to say . “‘Clarence doesn’t leave the E Street Band when he dies. He leaves when we die'”

  2. Oh you lucky thing! I went to Glastonbury this year, and happened to be at the right place at the right time, and got to watch Pulp do their “secret” performance and it was pretty amazing. For me, the only band that I can think of would be Oasis, as I’m still young (enough) for all my favourite bands to be still active πŸ™‚ But I think in the coming years I will be getting all nostalgic over Nine Inch Nails, Queens of The Stone Age, White Stripes, Radiohead et al

  3. I’m getting the chance to see a band that defined my late teenagerness! The Sisters of Mercy are a goth(ish) kind of band that I got put onto by friends at College, then at Uni back in about 1990, and I’ve been listening to their (half dozen) albums since then.

    The leader of the band like most band front men, seems to be quite a character (nutcase), and had a falling out with everyone else in the band, and the recording label, so he/they have just been a randomly touring band without any studio albums released in about 20 years!

    To my utter surprise, they’re doing one show in Auckland on 22 September, which I randomly noticed a Stuff article about. Tickets are booked, airline is booked, rental car is next, and I need to find a cheap but quiet accomodation near the Powerstation. Wherever the heck that is. [excited]

    1. Ooh.. Good luck with that… The Powerstation is at the city end of Mt Eden Road… and you’re going to be there smack bang in the middle of RWC fever. Better start calling in favours from any Auckland based mates.

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