When holidays go blah

Being Chinese at the Chinese Garden

I should be sitting down to tell you about all my exciting adventures in Sydney, but instead I find myself with nothing but further evidence that my life is perpetually underwhelming. Tell me… why do you still come here?

Before we even stepped on the plane I had a little nagging sense of dread – which is, of course, just what you want when you’re about to head up into the sky. The niggling anxiety pulled its usual trick and turned into mild nausea. Yaaaaay. So, I spent the first forty-five minutes of the flight clenching my teeth while conducting an internal monologue that went something along the lines of “don’t throw up, don’t throw up, don’t throw up”. Because there’s nothing like thinking about throwing up to take your mind off throwing up, right?

I’m actually pretty good with flying – I’ve flown a lot and I don’t get nervous about crashing or anything like that, but because I’m completely petrified of throwing up the idea of being stuck on a plane while feeling nauseas is about as appealing as sticking a pencil in my eye. Each to their own.

About halfway through the flight the nausea subsided and I realised that God does love me after all. I relaxed into things, watched a couple of episodes of Modern Family, and then proceeded to develop an almighty headache.

WHAT A TOTAL WHINER. I know. And it gets worse…

So we arrived at the hotel, which is very swanky and we jumped on the bed and played with the lights and opened all the cupboards and drawers. Then I noticed something. My throat. It was doing that nasty swollen thing it’s been doing a bit over the last couple of weeks. Then I get it. The hot and colds, the nausea, the headache, the throat… that m’fing cold still hadn’t fully disappeared.

You know what can really ruin a holiday? Well a plane crash would I suppose. Or being bitten by a poisonous snake or rabid monkey. Any sort of natural disaster too I guess. But also, having a cold. Not as bad as that other stuff, sure, but still sucky (and definitely not as good a story as that other stuff).

So our first day here I pretty much just left my sick bed for meals. Then… THEN! It got better (thank goodness, right?)

On Wednesday I woke up feeling gross but not as gross, so we went shopping. We walked around for ages and I pretty much spent craploads of money on stuff I probably don’t actually need. It’s funny how we convince ourselves to buy clothes we wouldn’t ordinarily buy at home simply because we’re on holiday, right? Then we get home and we’re all WTF? What possessed me to buy that Ra-Ra skirt?

No, really, I actually bought a Ra-Ra skirt.

Anyway, so I spent money and was feeling better – though the feet were a little sore from all the walking – and then it was time to go to the Pulp concert. Now, I suppose the concert is really all that matters in the greater scheme of things because that was the whole reason we were in Sydney in the first place. So you’ll be pleased to hear that it was all kinds of amazing, and I love Jarvis Cocker even more now than ever before. It was absolutely worth every penny of this not-altogether-economical trip.

You will not be so pleased, however, to hear that I woke up today feeling like rubbish again.

I got up for breakfast (complimentary at the hotel, so pretty much obligatory because otherwise, what a waste) and then slunk back to bed for a few hours. My throat was all gross, I was coughing up nasties and my whole body ached. Pretty sure the air-conditioning in the hotel room keeps taking my germs, messing with them so they’re even meaner, and then delivering them back to me.

By lunchtime I decided that I wasn’t going to waste any more time in bed so we meandered the streets and caught the monorail to Darling Harbour. Both of us had sore feet from so much walking the day before and for standing up for yonks at the concert so we were a wee bit miserable. In fact, several times today I have entertained the idea that I have inexplicably broken a small bone in my right foot – because, oh the pain when I put weight on it. I’m pretty much 99.99% certain that any medical professional worth their salt would laugh me out of their exam room because obviously I haven’t broken anything – except my dignity. Needless to say I was rather vocal about my misery today. At times I annoy even myself to the point where I think a good self-slap to the face might be in order.

We had lunch and then monorail’d Β to the Chinese Garden, which was really nice – and I’m not just saying that because I’m Chinese. After cruising around there for a bit I admitted defeat and we headed back to the hotel so I could climb into bed and watch bad Australian TV. Which is just endless channels of news and sports, by the way.

A good few hours later and here I am writing this entry. It’s half past one in the morning where most of you are, and eleven-thirty here in Sydney. Joel is out making the most of our holiday on my behalf – he kindly bought me some instant noodles before he left, just in case I get hungry. They are sitting beside the telly untouched, I just can’t stomach anything right now (though I did manage to force down a Snickers bar earlier – in about 3.5 seconds).

Tomorrow we head home. I’m sad to leave Sydney because I had been so excited about this trip and to feel crappy for most of it has been a real buzzkill. That said, I definitely take comfort in the fact that I was feeling okay for the concert and it really was everything I hoped it would be. Plus, Joel and I managed to have fun around all the bits where I was Sir Compliainalot. We ate yummy food, soaked up the sunshine and just generally enjoyed each other’s company – which is a bit awwww. So yeah, it wasn’t a terrible trip by any means, I just wish I’d been firing on all cylinders that’s all.

Hooboy, can’t wait to get back to work. Yeah. Heaps.

29 thoughts on “When holidays go blah

  1. What is it with Sydney? I went there a couple of years ago with my fella for a conference and a couple of days’ holiday afterwards, and I was fine for the conference but the day after I was crook as, possibly with a dose of swine flu, which was going around at the time (and the symptoms certainly matched).

    Maybe it was the icy air-con at the convention centre that did it, maybe getting caught in the rain before the after-conference booze up, I don’t know, but whatever. I dragged myself around as best I could, and made it to the Rocks, Opera House, art museum etc., but it was hard going and I made us go back to the hotel at about 3pm each day because I couldn’t take any more. The monorail was AWESOME. Tres disappointing, because I liked Sydney a lot when I wasn’t alternating between hoping I’d die and worrying I wouldn’t.

  2. Why do I still come here?

    Well, strange as it sounds, after following the Girl’s Guide for so long, that even though you wouldn’t know me on the street, and we are not that likely to bump into one another anyway, you have become a friend of sorts.

    it’s a bit one-sided, I know. You allow us all a largish glimpse into your life on a regular basis, and we each respond in a piecemeal kind of way – but there is a dialogue.

    And those of us who have followed you home, as it were, have enjoyed that dialogue very much. So we keep coming back for more.

    You seem a lot like some of my RL friends, actually, and it seems like if we ever moved in the same circles, that we would get along really well. Or maybe we wouldn’t, it’s impossible to know for sure. Feels like we would, though, so the completely non-stalkerish, mostly one-sided, internet-only friendship will continue for as long as you want it to. πŸ™‚

    Sorry your cold has come back with a vengeance, and made your trip less than completely awesome…

    1. That’s basically why I come here too – well said AndiNZ! You’re actually the only blogger I’ve bothered to keep following after that spate of people leaving Stuff.

    2. Same here. Thanks for putting it so eloquently AndiNZ, I tend to struggle to put stuff like that into words.

      Jane you also write about your every day life so beautifully, It’s easy to feel we know you, just a little bit, and share that little bit of our lives as well. πŸ™‚

    3. Imagine how weird it would be if I DID know you on the street!

      I am pretty sure I would love you all IRL.

      This is a very sweet comment by the way, and while I understand blogging is often a one-way thing, I feel like we’ve got something a bit more special than that. Holy heck, that’s a bit much isn’t it? Sorry, will tone down the sap immediately.

      You lot are pretty good by me.

  3. Why do I follow you? Everyone has a stalker.
    Stuart’s stalking Joe so that leaves me having to stalk you. πŸ™‚
    I don’t know whatever happened to Toolie, Gem, Jay, Sugar, Muse or the rest of the M2 Orphans but I’m sure they are out there somewhere…

    1. Well Cybs, me old buddy old pal… if you ever stop reading I’ll probably give up! I think you may just be the last of the originals

  4. Why do I still come here?
    Good question, there are a few reasons,

    1. Your life is very different to mine so I am either living vicariously or reading of another side of social life that doesn’t bite.I learn about things I don’t come into contact with anymore.

    2. I like that comments show as soon as typed…mostly… so don’t wait for hours, and can have a fun conversation with you and other commenters without it getting ragged or bitchy. If it was like that I wouldn’t bother.

    3. You have an cool endearing way of being articulate, humorous and honest and completely natural even when feeling shite. Or when discussing vacum cleaners or cleaning products,

    Enough for you ??? that’s about as dribbly as I am going to get! Get well soon

  5. It must be a Sydney thing! When I went over there, the other half wasn’t sick, but had a bung back. So doing lots of driving over ghastly Sydney roads (seriously, I thought Wellington roads were a bit rough … but Sydney roads kick them to the kerb when it comes to crap surfacing), and also lots of walking, resulted in lots of moaning.

    Can’t say that I’m a fan of Sydney though. It reminds me far too much of Auckland when it comes to the traffic, and the general sprawling nature of the place.

    Why do I still come here? A strange kind of internet relationship I guess? You talk,m we listen.

    Though, the page format constantly biting the big one here is making me a bit “stabby”. I am currently typing completely blind because the social network logs are entirely covering everything I am trying to type. So I apologise for typos.

    1. It MUST be a Sydney thing!

      Weird about the social network thingos getting all up in your business. I am on Google Chrome – don’t have any problems with them getting in the way there.

      Anyone else?

  6. Aww Jane… we come ‘cos it’s nice to know that other people have bad luck, unfortunate accidents, make bad decisions, get sick at the worst possible time…..take delight in redecorating, have fun doing ordinary things, feel a sense of accomplishment at making things, learning new skills and travelling. You write, we read and we share. Thanks and i hope you’re feeling better πŸ™‚

  7. Well that turned into a big old love-fest didn’t it? I wasn’t fishing for compliments, I swear. It was actually supposed to be a rhetorical question, but you guys are just all too nice and I wouldn’t change you of course…

    Thanks for coming back – I know it’s not as regular or themed as the Girls Guide, but it’s also not as rigid and probably a bit more personal in a day-to-day sense so I’m hoping you’re enjoying that change.

    1. This change is good. πŸ™‚

      The blogs as as good if not better than they were on Stuff. The comments section is a bit more interactive with the rapid posting so it feels more friendly.

    2. I’ve always liked to think it’s a little bit more of you as well – I mean, I enjoyed Stuff but I bet you were governed by all kinds of rules (can’t help noticing how often the bloggers link to other stories on the site), and had an obligation to post with a certain frequency, whether you wanted to or not. It’s nice that you’re posting about stuff that’s interesting to you, not because it was just something that you could blog about cos you had to.

      And I fully get that, because I’m still going with the photo challenge that I started on 1 Jan, and oh my lord, the lame things I’m taking photos of just because I have to! (But I haven’t missed a day yet and I can’t believe it)

      1. Good on you. I managed about 26 days of the photo challenge before running out of enthusiasm. Should really at least take *some* photos again soon.

    1. Yes, is sunny/cloudy/windy here now but I miss the snow!! It was exciting and the fun reactions were worth it. Did you get some good photos?

      1. The other half got more snow photos than I did, but if you search MotorDrive Photography on Facebook you’ll be able to see what we came up with. πŸ™‚

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