The little things

One of the good things about having a blog where I am the boss is that I don’t have to post an entry if I don’t feel like it. I know that’s not very considerate to any of you who might be hanging out to see what happened when I mowed the lawns on the weekend (nothing of consequence btw), but hey, as my Dad says… life’s not fair. Besides, at least you know when I do write it’s because I really want to, and not because I have to, therefore it’s from the heart.


So hello! How are you? I’m doing very well thanks. We have gone from snow (graupel) to sunshine and I’m finally getting the sense that Spring is upon us. I can’t wait. As I’m sure you’re aware by now, winter is just like a long miserable nightmare for me, which makes the arrival of spring (and then summer) pretty much the most exciting thing EVER.


Aside from Christmas, of course. Christmas will always be my number one.


I am determined to make the most of summer this year. I will be beaching and BBQ-ing, and not interrupting the sunshine with a pesky sojourn to the winter wonderlands of LA and NYC like I did last summer. Okay, that wasn’t exactly a bad problem to have, but it did mean I didn’t get a whole lot of summer and I’m trying to look on the bright side. Pun intended.


You might have picked up from my last entry that there has been some extremely saddening stuff going on of late, and as a result I’m doing my best to appreciate all the good stuff. Because life really is a bit too short, right? And you never know if your life is going to be even shorter than is fair and just. I’m not promising to never complain again (I kind of enjoy complaining sometimes, so if it brings me joy then it’s almost a positive thing, right? No?) but I am going to try to open my eyes a bit more and think about the bigger picture.


I’m going to try to stop and smell the roses and enjoy the little things. Including the little creatures who bade me farewell as I left for work this morning…


11 thoughts on “The little things

  1. To quote Ferris. Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and take a look around once in a while, you could miss it.

  2. Nice pic Jane, i like the composition of the black dog on white gravel and the white dog infront of the black compost bin 🙂

    I’m sooo glad its almost spring too, i have been sick since the middle of June and i’m OVER it!

    Also, great things happen in spring (like my birthday!) and i can get out and garden without the earth turning to mud pies, and it’s pleasant to go for a walk, and sit on the deck in the sunshine… much better altogether.

    But of course, we wouldn’t appreciate the joys of spring without the misery of winter.

    1. I wish it was white gravel, but unfortunately it’s a whole bunch of itty bitty crushed shell pieces. Not our smartest landscaping decision. They get walked into the house on a daily basis.

      You are right about winter being a necessity to appreciate the warmer months… still, I reckon a six week winter would do the trick…

  3. I know – I’ve been keeping an eagle eye on our plum tree to check on the tiny green buds, and now we have white blossom! Hurrah! It’s definitely the little things, and the early signs of spring never fail to gladden.

    I think part of my issue with winter (my SAD has been heaps better this year though) is the lack of a holiday in the yucky months. We always get all these days off when the weather’s nice, which rocks, but then nothing between early June and October, which is pants.

    Sorry about your friend too, btw. Sometimes things that happen that just make you wonder why.

  4. Drove to the station without requiring headlights this morning. It’s nearly spring again already. Time goes so fast.

    Speaking for myself, and no doubt others, we enjoy the blogging you do and as much as we’d like multiple daily updates, whenever you feel like it is good by us. 🙂

  5. Sorry about your friend. Life is just sometimes far too short.

    I can’t wait for summer either, def. not a winter person. Really enjoying the sunshine lately, and getting home from work while it’s still light outside 🙂

    Looking forward to catching up with friends in Auck’s tomorrow night, as usual, it’s been too long between get togethers.

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