Four Good Things

I have been sleeping almost normally again, which is obviously good news. The sun is out, that’s also good news. Cat has been throwing up in the mornings – not such good news.

But let’s not let Cat spoil the positivity! Today I would like to discuss the following:


1. Senna
You have probably seen a bunch of five-star reviews claiming that you don’t need to be an F1 fan to appreciate this documentary about the life and death of one of the sport’s greatest ever stars Ayrton Senna, and they’re right. This is a fantastic watch, and especially enjoyable considering I really got into Formula One for an entire season one year. I know, check me!

2. Sunshine

How good is it to have sunny days again? Right now, as I type, I’m wearing a tee-shirt. Did you get that?! A tee-shirt! Man, the world is a much better place when there’s a whole lot of sunshine involved. Hello Spring, I think I am madly in love with you. Wanna come over for a DVD?

3. Fruit and Vegetables
Okay, I’m pushing it here, I know. I’m not really all that into fruit and vegetables. I mean, in theory they’re great! They do an impressive job of keeping us healthy and such, but generally speaking I’d rather have a little mince savoury. At any rate, I’m putting fruit and veges on the Good Things list because I don’t eat nearly enough of the blighters and I figure if I start imagining that fruit and veges are yum, then perhaps I will come to truly believe that.

4.Β Rugby World Cup
I’m quite serious here. I am far from being a big rugby fan, heck I’m not even really a little rugby fan, but I’m rather enjoying the general buzz that’s going on around Auckland City at the moment. The streets look clean, a few new flowerbeds have cropped up here and there, and there is this palpable spirit of genuine excitement. More importantly, I was allowed to leave work at 2.30pm today so thumbs up for the Rugby World Cup.

Now it’s time for your list of good things. It can be less than or greater than four points.

Have a good weekend. Love you.

91 thoughts on “Four Good Things

  1. 4 good things:
    1) i got to feed a pair of ducks out my lounge window this afternoon. I managed to pretend that it was all in the aid of exciting my 1 year old daughter who proclaimed “Duck duck” throughout the feast of old crappy bread, but truth be known I think I enjoyed it even more myself. What is it about ducks and their waddling ways?

    2) Rugby World Cup starts tonight. While i am definitely interested by it myself the reason it makes my list is because my husband is excited, and I generally like for him to be a happy camper.

    3) at the end of the week I head to Aus for 10 days of sunshine, relaxing and no work. I will never complain about the opportunity for relaxation in a warm climate

    And last but not least I must concur with yours
    4) sunshine. Although it is not sunny today in Wellington (in fact it is raining) I only need to go back two days to recall a warm sunny day. I just don’t think I was designed for the winter climate, it’s like I pull out of a grumpy funk on the first day of spring.

  2. 1. The thought that it will soon be warmer every day! I can then put my fingerless gloves away.

    2. The spring garden visitors, little green birds with peach breast that look like wax-eyes,longer, slimmer, what are they? I have searched Google but he doesn’t know. Tui in increasing numbers warbling/ practicing all day, bumble bees and butterflies

    3.A fantastic early Christmas present involving a trip next year…I get spoilt and love it.

    4.Finding some new middle eastern recipes to try

    5. Knowing that one day soon my hedge will be trimmed, yuss!!!!!…long story

    1. 6.The Rugby World Cup opening ceremony, fantastic, moving, amazing, loved it, got goose bumps, just loved it! Such a fantastic display I never thought it would be anywhere nearly as good or as big in story and style. And loved the coverage of Auckland waterfront, the hype, the laughter, the fireworks, Dave Dobin, Finn Brothers. It was a Television spectacular. Oh and the game – and our guys, SBW strip.. awsome bod!. Israel Dagg, Kahui, Ma Nonu and the rest.

      7.Sooo happy I watched it and felt it all,

      1. I think south – south west might have been in reference to “where is this going?” but it ended up in the wrong place. Am I right? Am I right?

      2. Maybe Jane, but I think he was being cheeky and taking the pith;and has been too fraidy to elucidate, Or it means a place on the wgtn coast Or…..Or….
        .Anyway ma hedge is now a lot tidier .Will be much easier to manage…..

        Those pick up lines are so so bad !
        I’ve just given up on the Oz v Ireland game, not interested

      3. Yes, I was being cheeky because the responses here are sometimes SOOOOOO wholesome, nice, middle-aged and middle class that I just can’t stand it any longer. Arghhhh!!

        And yes, I have to admit it, I am all those things too πŸ™

      4. So it took a super polite non grubby comment to winkle you out of your shell. I know dam well how your mind works! et moi

        Nice, middle class, middle age englishman fighting …..the other side of you, best of luck to the winner…. chuckle….. Just be yourself.XX

      5. Actually, overall, I’m not at all miserable with my life. I feel incredibly lucky and grateful for all I have, and really love being alive. I was just playing one part of me back there.

      1. Well it hasn’t been cut yet. So if I say—- “my hedge cutter only comes on Fridays,the hedge was wet and didn’t dry between showers”. True story.

      2. ‘ Oscar Wilde ‘

        “No pessimist ever discovered the secret of the stars,or sailed to an uncharted land, or opened a new doorway for the human spirit”

        ‘ Helen Keller ‘

      3. ‘And she doesn’t even like me, and I know because she said so. I’ll never make that mistake again’

        An embittered Morrisey

      4. ” And remember the truth that was once spoken: to love another person is to see the face of God.”
        Les Miserables

      5. No, no. Just my first love dumped me badly when I was 17. I know I should have got over it, but I never really have, to be honest.

        More sighing, more lying down.

      6. Maybe you are one of those people who actually enjoys being miserable, but doesn’t like the attendant problems that misery brings. You know the depression etc .
        It is quite a while since you were seventeen and the world has changed a lot and it requires you to change and grow.

        Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change. ‘Confucius’

      7. Actually, overall, I’m not at all miserable with my life. I feel incredibly lucky and grateful for all I have, and really love being alive. I was just playing one part of me back there.

        Got the wrong thread again up there. Drat!

      8. Dam, …. this is the ethernet. Stick to computer games, then you can play all sides of yourself, male and female

  3. 1. That the plum tree outside my home office is in full snowy-white bridal bloom, with butterflies flitting around it – and soon that blossom will make way for plump, juicy, sun-warmed Black Dorises.

    2. The fact that I live in Hamilton, which I love for many reasons (river mists in winter, tui, bridges, Raglan), but one right now being that it’s relatively easy to avoid RWC mania (sorry, I just don’t feel it. You have fun though!)

    3. My sewing machine and my new skills I’ve acquired over this year – and the new made-by-me summer dress (every day is one day closer to being able to wear it!)

    4. My two stovetop espresso pots. Words can’t describe how much I love coffee.

    5. My mum’s foster puppy. Squirmy (but temporary) adorableness.

    6. Knowing that today is grocery day, and in a few hours I’ll have lots of yummy snack food in the house again! (Although I loathe supermarket shopping, I do like the results)

    7. The New Pornographers. Canadian indie that if you haven’t heard already, get thee to YouTube.

  4. 1. I have to agree on the sunshine. I’m loving the warmer, gentler breezes, requiring less clothing, and thinking about summer veges to sow. Yes i love winter spinach and silverbeet, but there’s something quite exciting about summer tomatoes, capsicum, aubergine and courgettes.

    2. The craft and quilt fair on in H-town this weekend. Pretty excited about this, i have been saving my ‘pocket’ money up to go wild! πŸ™‚

    3. Almost a month until my birthday πŸ™‚

    4. I feel like i’m actually making progress on my project at the moment. I’m super busy, and will have to work on sunday, but it’s a good kind of busy. Productive. Satisfying. Getting Things Done.

  5. 1) Coffee. The nectar that means I can survive my working week without there being an ever increasing stack of corpses around my desk. Particularly at the moment where we’ve been restructured for what I recall is the third time in 3.5 years. We have the same amount of work, and 20% less people to do that work. National Govt can kiss my hairy white rear end.

    2) The Weekend. Refer to #1 why the weekend is a wonderful invention.

    3) mee goreng (or bami goreng). Yes, it is not quite 5pm, yet I’ve eaten my dinner already, and judge me all you want, but I’m fed and happy.

    4) Game Of Thrones. As well as being a wonderful high production TV series that is wall to wall hot naked chicks, it is also an excellent series of books that I am now reading my way through like a madman.

  6. 1. Daisies. They go hand-in-hand with the warmer weather, and I love seeing them starting to appear, all bedraggled, at the beginning of spring, like they’ve just rolled out of bed, but looking their scrubbed-up best by the time summer gets here.

    2. Coffee. What Leon said. Thank god caffeine is legal…

    3. The RUGBY. I am a huge rugby fan (not literally…), and I can’t wait for kickoff. T minus 2 hours and 5 minutes as I write this. C’mon the ABs! Going to a few games later in the month as well, and it’s going to be great. πŸ™‚

    4. Men who aren’t afraid of housework. My bf has tidied the house and done all the washing today on his day off. He’s a keeper…

    And on top of all that, it’s FRIDAY NIGHT, the best time of the week. Kicking back, having some dinner and just a few drinkies while watching the aforementioned sporting spectacular tonight…

    Glad to hear things are tracking much better for you sleepwise, Jane.

    Oh and Leon – ‘wall to wall hot naked chicks’? Really? My bf might get interested in that series after all!

    I have the books, but have yet to read them also, though I read part of an excerpt from the latest one that looks pretty good.

    1. Yes, *very* much wall to wall hot naked chicks.

      It may make me sound like a total pervert but … oh hang on, I *am* a total pervert so there really is no point in attempting denial.

  7. 4 good things
    1. I’ve created my best outfit by simply sewing antiuqe buttons to a pre-existing waist coat and pleated sleeved shirt creating a visual synergy I would never have anticipated.
    2. I’m on mid-semester break so I’ve been reading in my bay window alot :D.
    3. I had money I didn’t think I had in the bank.
    4. My pet rat is being more playfull.
    5. Over the last week I’ve felt more creative and inclined to wright and draw and I’ve been uncharicteristically optimistic about everything; look out Thirsty Dog, at this rate I may work up the confidence to preform some free verse and beat poetry.

  8. 4 good things…
    1 Also live in Hamilton and love it, same reasons as dragonzflame, especially love being on the river πŸ˜€
    2 My eldest son came home with a medal at the 5-a-side football tourney today.
    3 My youngest son had an epic day coxing his Great Race corporate crew and has made it into the semi finals tomorrow.
    4 Tomorrow just as action packed down at the river, thousands packing the banks and bridges to watch the main race, more racing, free Midnight Youth concert, general festival atmosphere.
    Yuss… must be Spring.

  9. 1. Carrot and coriander soup. It’s amazing.

    2. Wearable Arts last weekend in Wellington – such a cool show!

    3. The year keeps speeding past…it will be Christmas soon!

    4. The nights are lighter, so now it’s not pitch black when I walk home from work!

  10. Ok, so having seen the last two episodes of True Blood last night, I shall have to add that as a show I am grateful for.

    The season was pretty well overloaded with annoying subplots, but the last two episodes were freakin good.

    So, who’s watching what TV series at the moment?

    In addition to the above mentioned, I’ve just started watching “Hot in Cleveland”. It’s a nice non controversial sitcome with really only a few jokes in it, but they do it well, and Betty White is excellent πŸ™‚

      1. I can appreciate bad-funny. One of my favourite films of all time is only good because of the total awfulness of it. The original Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie … truly a dreadful movie, but good because it is so bad πŸ™‚

    1. I’m really enjoying Nothing Trivial at the moment. Not sure how long it will take before it gets a bit samey, but I’ll watch until it starts to bore me :). Also loving Big Bang Theory, satisfies the inner geek (normally try to keep it well hidden).

      1. Same, I’m loving Nothing Trivial too, just watched it now, it works for me in an odd way…a bit like, I relate to the whole thing which makes it a bit scary

  11. 1. Friday off work to go snowboarding.
    2. Saturday in Taupo to be chilling.
    3. Sunday in Taupo to hang out at the race track photographing people mucking around in cars. Although boats could have equally worked.
    4. Monday off work to cruise back to Wellington.

  12. Coffee snobs of the world … I’m drinking a vat of Starbucks coffee.

    Please form a line to belittle my taste in coffee. No pushing.

    1. All I can think is that you must have been *desperate* to get your fix before someone gets it… πŸ™‚

      Needs must, and all that…

  13. Pick-up lines that DON’T work! (research conducted in a highly scientific way…ish, location Hamilton Party Central, time: after a rugby game that was only slightly lopsided πŸ˜‰ This is a pubilc service announcement for the benefit of our male population.
    – “Would you like to come and check out my campervan parked under the bridge?”
    – “Would you like to come and have a threesome in my spa pool?”
    – “I have an accent, isn’t that enough to make you into me?”
    – “My wife dropped me into town after the game, how about us having a bit of fun?”
    Fantastic bands playing, and great party, dodgy, dodgy pickup lines πŸ˜‰

  14. I don’t share my coffee with the computer.

    Well, not deliberately anyway. There was one rather bad day where I knocked a coffee over on the desk, flooded out lots of paperwork. Cleaned everything. Got another coffee, then knocked that one over when I sat down.

    Thus demonstrating to me that not a single bit of paper on my desk was important. Which I think is a lesson for all of us. Now, I’m off to get a coffee.

      1. I wonder if I can remember “Basic” computer language from when I was about 12 years old?

        10) if coffee = 0, then add coffee
        20) goto 10

        Well, something like that anyway. “If in doubt, latte with one sugar”

      2. Nosalga trip back into the dim dark recess of my mind. I always used to get “undef’d error” when programming in Basic. My brain jumps all over the place at the best of times, computers didn’t seem to like me doing that much. I’ll blame too much coffee :-p .

      3. Yep, was my most common error also. And now I develop software for a living. Thankfully not in BASIC so no undef’d errors, just lots of other equally meaningful messages instead. :-/

      4. I did an O-level in computer studies. My teacher did all my BASIC assignments (including one called ‘drunkard’s walk’, ha!). I considered not turning up for the exam, because I knew NOTHING. And I got an A!!

        Conclusion: You obviously don’t need to be very smart to do well in IT

    1. I will happily contest your conclusion. My son is in IT as is his wife and you may believe me when I say they are both dam smart!! They didn’t get where they are in their work without being smart!!
      Generalisations show you did not deserve that ‘A’ at all

      1. Ah, but Simon doesn’t say “to do well in IT you have to be dumb”. He just says that not everyone in IT is by definition smart. I’m sure you’re quite rightly proud of how well your son and daughter in law have done in their careers πŸ™‚

        You should always be nice to them, because remember, they’re the ones who will choose your retirement home πŸ˜›

  15. Now what was this about?

    I was followed around Farmers Home-wares about two weeks ago by a mature guy who was so serious and intent on watching me, I thought he was security but there were only a few people there, so why me?? I gave him a go away look. I only like happy people and that would not describe this man. Spooky….no not an ex. If he wanted to talk to me he could easily say hello…. Aren’t people weird sometimes

      1. Computers may run on cheese, but electronics run on smoke. Let the smoke out and they stop working, incredibly hard to put the smoke back in to make them work again :-/

      1. By your own admission Leon, you embrace your geekness. Therefore by your definition you and Geoff look alike, and by natural extension similar to me.

        In conclusion we all now know you both have long dark hair and boobs. πŸ˜‰

  16. I’m probably more of a dork than a geek (despite my earlier comment). Geeks get paid better.

    Geoff and I both wear glasses, have similar facial hair, and are of a similar age (yes, we’re friends in the three dimensional world not just people who mock each other on blogs). At last count, there were not any boobs or long dark hair to be found on either of us.

    Which is not to say that I haven’t been called a boob.

    1. My computer world is also three dimensional. Often catch myself out pressing the middle mouse button and trying to “rotate” two dimensional pictures on the internet so I can see the other side :-p .

      1. my “somebody said boobs” radar went *ping* …. hrrmmmm. It must be broken, cos I see it was said days ago. *kicks radar*

      2. Not only was it said days ago… but you also responded to it then. Boobs, boobs, boobs, booby boobs.

        Did it activate that time?

    1. Don’t worry about that Jane, we’re just hanging, having a little party on your blog. Drink a little and it might make more sense *fills wine glass*… yup, much betterer.

  17. Dear first Monday of daylight savings.

    …………………/…./ /
    ……….”…\………. _.β€’Β΄

  18. In reply to “KT: Not only was it said days ago… but you also responded to it then. Boobs, boobs, boobs, booby boobs.

    Did it activate that time?”

    Yes, it’s working again. The radar went audibly “ping” from all the way across the office thanks πŸ™‚

  19. Hurrah for the willpower that means my complete and utter cock of a workmate gets to survive another day, without his intray being rammed up his “out tray” πŸ™‚

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