Not quite the entry you were waiting for

Well now that I’m up to a thoroughly undeserved 100 comments on the last entry (I love how you guys come and play here even when I’m snoozing in the corner), and now that the All Blacks have secured the world’s smallest international trophy, I think it’s time I came over here and babbled on about having a good excuse for not updating a lot lately.


I do have a good excuse, I promise I do. Well, I think it’s a good excuse at least. But I’m not going to explain right now as I don’t have the time. I realise this is just being a big old tease, but I figure a teaser entry to apologise and promise a proper entry soon is better than just leaving you hanging.


Give it a couple of days and I’ll be back okay? And I will explain everything then. In the meantime I will leave you with this clever little whatsit a buddy of mine at work whipped up in an effort to take over the internet:


21 thoughts on “Not quite the entry you were waiting for

  1. Ooooh, intriguing! Can’t say I was following the discussion after your last post, but I had been wondering where you had got to…

    Now I will be anxiously checking my RSS feed until you update!

    Still, the anticipation will not be nearly as bad as my nerves on Sunday night, waiting for them to say the ABs had one the game, the trophy and the tournament!

    Something to look forward to later in the week… 🙂

  2. Oh blast now we have to wait,okay let see

    1 Getting engaged
    2 Getting married
    3 Pregnant
    4 Moving to New York for Joel’s work
    5 Moving somewhere else

    Come back soon Jane!

  3. Okay, I said it was a “good excuse” not a “life changing event”… yikes. Now living in fear that I have led you up the garden path…

  4. I’m guessing…
    1. mice ate through your phone cables, thus no interwebbing?
    2. dog peed on your laptop?
    3. nursing Joel just like Moata is for the SF?
    4. uuummmmm…..renovations? i hear they’re a big time and money drain.

  5. Let’s see…you got a role on Shortland Street as a love interest for TK, but on the way to the set a dragon swooped down on you, picked you up in its scaly talons (which were warm and smelled like peppermint) and dropped you at the top of Rangitoto, which you then had to climb down and swim ashore and then walk all the way home, upon which Joel asked you to cook him some eggs?

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