No really, this is a joke right?

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Sorry for the lack of updates lately. At first it was because the morning sickness went away (mostly). YAY! That enabled me to busy myself with activities such as washing my hair, patting the dog, eating burgers, changing the sheets etc.

But fate has now dealt me a cruel blow, because the sickness returned on the weekend and has been tormenting me since.

I am all WTF.

Anyway, I just popped in to feel sorry for myself on the internet. Let’s all hope I’m feeling a lot better soon so I can fill you in on all the fun bits, like how big my belly is getting.

I do still love you, promise.


  1. Miss miss says

    Aw I hope you’re feeling better soon, it will totally be worth it in the end! My best friend gave birth to a baby girl last night so I’m all ‘cluckied up’. Babies are just so cute!

  2. misssuburbia says

    Hey I completly know where you are coming from. Morning sickness is the worse! Mine was constant throughout the day. The only thing that helped was drinking 100% natural gingerale. Not the soda but the one with pieces of floating ginger in it. It was the only thing that kept me from ending up in the toilet. Sorry to be graphic. Now I’m almost in my third trimester. Hopefully it will get better for you. Hang in there.

  3. Brian Frances says

    Ow, that sucks Jane! Hope it goes away again soon. Can’t wait for the first belly pic 😀

  4. Phoebe1 says

    So sorry Jane,The sucky bits do get better, can I say that?,…. everyone is different soooo roll with it . You may get fabulous mama boobs as a bonus, Joel will looooove

  5. jessicapea says

    😦 hope you are feeling better Jane – can’t wait to see some belly pics!

  6. Still here, super busy at work and planning getting away over Christmas at some point.

    Anything fun to do in Wellington area for a day with two teenage boys? Any good cheap motels recommended for a night? Planning a stop on our way through 🙂

    • Activities depend on budget.
      Te Papa is reasonable (and mostly free) if you haven’t been there often.
      Fergs on the waterfront has options for tiring them out (rock climbing, roller blading, kayaking).

      Not sure on motels as I live here. 😛

    • Phoebe1 says

      Can’t help with either sorry as I haven’t been here long enough. My favourite occupation involves chair and good book. Tho Te Papa is great for everyone. I think the hotel opposite is supposed to be good value. Name anyone? Memory blink
      Where are you headed?

    • Thanks, done TePapa and Weta workshop but always good to have another look. Fergs sounds good for a change, will have our own Kayaks with us, so might try the other two.

      Phoebe1, we’re going to Nelson, have family there. Working out the adventures we’ll be doing there too 😀 can’t wait.

      • Phoebe1 says

        Oh god now I am greeeeen! Last time i was in Nelson was on a tour of the South Island on a motorbike trike, amazing trip

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