Hello Avocado!

I feel guilty for not updating because, you know, that’s stink for you. Equally, I feel guilty for writing an entry when there’s really very little to report because, you know, that’s stink for you as well. Essentially, my days have consisted of not-a-lot lately. I get up, go to work, come home, lay on the couch, go to bed. Lather, rinse, repeat*


Still, despite this lack of anything interesting at all, I might as well give you an update on the State Of Things, seeing as we’ve all made the effort to gather here.


The pregnancy is going well, thanks very much. As far as I can tell at least, because without being able to see inside my belly to make sure all is progressing as it should be, I can only assume things are fine. The sickness is still lingering around a bit, but it’s certainly not as bad as it was a few weeks ago. There have been days where I’ve worn jandals to work because I have felt too ill to contend with the logistics of doing up my shoelaces, but those days are becoming fewer and farther between. Still, there’s enough queasiness there (and an ongoing lack of appetite) to remind me that yes, I am indeed still pregnant.


There’s also a growing belly to remind me. I’m not prepared to show you pictures yet as it’s not quite big enough to be a discernibly pregnant bump – at least I don’t think it is. Put it this way, if I were a stranger in a casual conversation with myself, I wouldn’t take the risk of asking when I was due lest it just be that I’ve eaten too many burgers lately. That said, those who know I’m pregnant have definitely noticed and it’s certainly a more roundy than flabsy look. I’m poking out enough that I’m having to do that thing with my jeans where I loop a hairtie around the button, like so:


This is not me, by the way (in case you were curious)


I would just like to take this opportunity to congratulate myself on not turning into a big emotional mess with wild mood swings. This is apparently quite common in the first trimester (which I am no longer in) and looking back, I really don’t think there were too many moments of unjustified tears or extreme changes in demeanour. Now before writing this I did double-check this with Joel to ensure I’m not being a bit one-eyed, but he has agreed that I have been no crazier than usual. Take that as you will.


I’m now (just about) sixteen weeks along. That means the baby is probably a little over 10cm long from head to bum (avocado!) – its legs are all curled up in front you see, so they aren’t really counted in the length-measurement. I know that sounds quite small, but considering it was the size of a poppy seed at four weeks, I think 10cm sounds quite big. Let’s talk again when we get to PUMPKIN shall we? I can’t feel it moving around in there yet, but I have been assured by the many websites I trawl on a daily basis that it is very active and sometime in the next month I should start feeling its little limbs doing gymnastics.


I know it’s a bit annoying for you that I haven’t grown enough belly to justify posting a photo, so I’m going to try to make it up to you by posting an image from our 12-week ultrasound. This is probably not all that exciting for you as I’ve realised that pretty much all 12-week ultrasounds look just the same, and if you googled 12-week ultrasound you’d be bombarded with images that look just like the one below. The difference is, of course, that the one below is MY baby. And one day you’ll get to see photos of it when it’s outside of me.



In a few weeks we’ll be able to find out if that little thing up there is a boy or a girl, and I would like to run a wee poll – just for fun of course.


So, close your eyes, rub your temples, and try to visualise… what flavour do you reckon this baby is? Boy or girl? Answers below!


*Does anyone actually shampoo their hair twice? Personally, I’m waaaay too lazy


42 thoughts on “Hello Avocado!

  1. Yay for a new post! I’ve been getting emails all day from people commenting on the last one haha.
    Glad the sickness is getting less and less, that’s got to be a good thing. I fricking love the hairtie idea! Is it wrong that I want to do that even though I’m not pregnant? (All those buttholes that said the burgers and beers would catch up with me when I hit my mid 20’s were right. Damn them. Now all my jeans are a size too small).
    Scan pic is gorgeous, will be good to reference back to when there are ‘outside’ photos up!
    I reckon you will have a wee boy – only because EVERYBODY is having girls at the moment so if you don’t have a boy then they will not be able to make more babies 20/30/40 years now. Positive thinking and all that haha.
    **No I do not shampoo my hair twice… that shebangs expensive! And I have incredibly short hair now so once with a dollop the size of a 20c piece is fine for me. No conditioner either *shock!* love it.
    Thanks for the update!! Sending copious amounts of love your way xox

  2. I hate this game. I even googled ‘ultrasound how to tell a baby’s gender’ but I see neither turtle (boy, apparently) nor hamburger (girl) on here so I’m throwing ‘girl’ out there. This likely means that it is a boy.

    And I’ve pretty much never shampooed twice, unless I feel like I’ve done a terrible job first time, or it was REALLY greeby. But I’ve now given up on shampoo and wash my hair with baking soda and a vinegar rinse…and I wouldn’t do the baking soda twice. That stuff is efficient.

  3. I do actually, but only a tiny amount each time. Seems to make the hair feel cleaner, although i’m sure someone will tell me it’s because all shampoo is evil and strips you hair of its ‘natural’ oils. I prefer my hair ‘unoiled’ thanks, that way it doesn’t look like i’ve used Brylcreem!

    I predict a boy. And you should call him Jamie/Jerome/Jacob/Justin (anything that starts with a ‘J’ to keep the family theme going 🙂

  4. never shampoo twice. i always thought it was just a ploy to make you buy more shampoo. but tbh, i just cant be bothered.

    and i predict girl. 🙂 But I also like the idea of going with a J name. if i was in that situation, i would do something similar- well, maybe.. 😛

  5. Don’t worry Jane, the 12 week scan of your baby is far more interesting than all the other 12 week scans out there polluting the Internet 😀

    My vote is: boy.

    I only shampoo twice when my hair is REALLY dirty, which doesn’t happen often, fortunately.

    By the way, how did the grandparents react to the big news?

    1. Grandparents were all excited. Joel’s parents already have three grandchildren, and my parents already have seven, so it’s nothing new for either set!

      1. This pregnancy may not seem any different from any of your siblings (or Joel’s) but wait until you get that first kick (hopefully not into your bladder). There is no-one in the entire world who will ever experience that moment in exactly the same way as you. There will be other kicks but as a father-to-be I found this most frustrating as all I could do is feel from the outside and get the news second hand. It is something unique to being a mother that you can never fully share and is truely yours alone to experience.
        I think that is why the grandparents are excited because it’s the first time for you.

  6. Cute! We have the same photo, but it’s ours! And ours is now a kumara. 17 weeks, which is great. And yep finding out the sex as well!

    I think yours is a girl. Or maybe boy. Or more of a maybe is girl.
    75% girl; 25% boy.

    Pretty exciting time, little squirmy little things.

    I barely shampoo at all, and when I do, I only do once. Sometimes twice if it’s been a week or more. Or the product has BUILT UP.
    And not as revolting as you may think, once a week is healthy.
    And I was told by someone once that it’s a ploy by the cosmetics companies, they tell you to wash twice because it uses more shampoo and you then have to spend more money.

    1. My hairdresser once told me the same thing – that if I can get away with washing just once a week, then that’s ideal. But the reality is after two days it starts to get manky and yuck. I generally wash it every three days

      1. You can train it to last longer. When you use shampoo, you strip all the natural oil off your hair, so you produce lots to compensate for what you’ve just washed out. That’s why it gets manky so quickly.

        It takes about two weeks to come right (well, that’s how long it took me – your mileage may vary) if you cut back on the shampooing and brush it well with a bristle brush and wash in between with water only. It’s not that fun while you wait, but in the meantime, hairties and hats are your friend 😉

      1. Be that as it may, I’m not prepared to inflict myself upon the world without daily showering. 😛

        I have heard through various sources (mainly outdoors types) that you only smell for the first x (7 or 10 I think) days and after that you stop smelling. It’s getting through those first days that is the hard part. 😛

  7. Aww, little waving baby, so cute! I’m getting boy vibes.

    I once had an organic shampoo that i had to rinse and repeat with – but I don’t with regular stuff.

    1. Shampoo your hair as often as you think works for you as everyone is different. Pet hate,The smell of someone’s ( is that thing in the right place?) unwashed hair and some people get that smell quicker than others….Gag!!

      Clean hair is lovely, fresh and shiny. Never understand why people load their hair with heavy product to make it straight and lifeless. And boring!
      A woman’s hair is her crowning glory and needs to move and flow and compliment the owner of it.
      To me hair says a lot about a person, more than their eyes and on a par with their mouth….
      The mouth– the shape and how they smile,flirt or frown,growl show happy sad or grumpy, Generous,bitchy,mean etc
      Mirror mirror on the wall

  8. Always shampoo twice if I had product in my hair the day before – in saying that, I only ever use a 20c piece for the first and second lot – the first part doesn’t lather very much, just gets rid of the old product, then the second lot goes all lovely and lathery which is very nice. Then condition the ends. (then probably add product once its out haha).

    Well that was a novel in haircare!

    I say girl because you’d seem more comfortable with a boy haha. I’ve got a boy and it’s pretty good cause they don’t seem to scream as much as the girls (not the earpiercing kind anyway).

  9. Its strange to see this post tonight because my neighbor has just been over to show off her granddaughter 🙂 I got all man clucky and had to have a hold.I just love babies 🙂 I am glad all is well Jane and I bet she is a girl

  10. Cute, georgous little girl.

    Only shampoo once, unless I’ve been renovating, or sculpting and my hair is full of gluggy dustiness, then I’ll shampoo twice to make sure its all out.

  11. Not to be a killjoy but more just wanted to warn you so it doesn’t freak you out if it happens, it totally depends on where your placenta sits as to whether you feel the baby move in the 2nd tri. It can sometimes get in the way of you being able to, and I know a friend of mine was so looking forward to that moment so that the babies living existence would feel more real, and she was stressed and upset when it didn’t happen for her (not that there was anything wrong with the baby at all).

    1. That’s all good – I’m not in any hurry to feel anything. I’m sure it will be cool when it happens, but I’ll just leave that up to nature to sort out. Thanks for the head’s up!

  12. Its a gorgeous photo, and much like every other, but it is always so very exciting when it is your own.

    I vote boy… I don’t know why, i just have a feeling 🙂

  13. long time reader first time commenter… Couldnt resist as my ‘cluck factor’ is returning as my wee madam is heading towards 1. And I kinda miss being pregnant…

    Glad hear all is going well. I vote for girl.

    1. Thanks for reading and commenting! I can’t imaging missing being pregnant, but then again I haven’t quite switched into ‘glow’ mode yet….

      1. Hand on heart – I have never missed being pregnant. The mere fact that I would need to go through it again in order to have another child is all but putting me off! As for glow mode, I am pretty sure that is a myth that the books put out there to make sure you get through the 9 months!

  14. I say girl.

    Hey, as soon as your jeans become uncomfortable even with the button undone, get some maternity jeans pronto. Jeanswest does some nice ones, I think even Max does them these days too. I put up with uncomfy jeans for way too long when I was pregnant, and when I finally got some it was such a relief! So worth the money.

  15. Girl. No reason so I flipped a coin. I hope you have backups of the scans.
    Get the comfy jeans sooner rather than later. Or borrow some. Nothing is worse than the woman you love complaining about how uncomforable her clothes are (which inevitably leads to “do these make me look fat?”.

    Rinse and repeat. Three words that are the biggest con job in advertising history. Think about chewing gum advertisements. Why do two pieces of gum always fall out of the packet? To make you think you need to chew on two bits at a time! Why rinse and repeat? To make you use twice the amount of product! It’s a marketing ploy!

    1. Same deal with the toothpaste ads – they squeeze out about a tablespoon of it. I use a bit the size of a pea, if that (which they say is the amount for kids) and it works fine. Cunning, I tells you!

  16. Hello its been a while since ive dropped in, was going to say any news babies?,weddings? well I see you are on the way to crossing one of those puppies off the list! Full Credit hope it all goes well will try and visit more frequently..

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