I have been too lazy tired to post. Sorry about that. I feel like a whale, and hoo-boy! There’s still so much growing to be done!


On Thursday we’ll be hitting the 18-week milestone, and when I think back to where my head was at around 5-6 weeks along, 18 weeks seemed like a million light-years away, and yet – here we are. We’re staring down the barrel of 15cm from head to bum, which seems quite big to me – that’s half a Taurus ruler!


More on Baby in a moment, but first I want to tell you about our escapade to Wellington over the weekend. We were in the capital for Joel’s cousin’s wedding, and Wellington I have to say, you turned on some stunning weather for us (and the bride and groom of course). Aside from the wedding itself there were several other highlights.


The first highlight was our visit to Sweet Mother’s Kitchen on Friday for an early dinner – if you are a fan of Mexican food, you have to go there next time you’re in Wellington (if you live in Wellington I’m just gonna go ahead and assume you already know how great this place is). I played it boring and had nachoes, which were delicious, and Joel had ribs with curly fries and coleslaw, also very yum. We didn’t try one, but I have it on good authority their peanut-butter milkshakes are amazing.


Another highlight was the earthquake we experienced while at the wedding reception (the very wedding reception mentioned in this news story). I know it wasn’t remotely a patch on anything Christchurch has been subjected to, but it was the first time I’ve felt the ground shake under my feet, and it was definitely an odd sensation. We were just sat there chatting away with folks at our table when everything started rattling. I thought it was the younger boys seated near us being rascals and shaking the table. But it grew stronger, the rattling grew louder and everyone stopped talking. That’s when I looked up and saw that the roof seemed to be sort of swaying. It wasn’t until then I fully realised what was happening, and just as I was saying “OH MY…” it stopped.


So what did we all do during the earthquake? We all froze. Aside from a couple of folks who were visiting from Christchurch and knew exactly what was going on from the word go. They ran out of the building. I’m hoping that if I’m ever in an earthquake again I’ll have the presence of mind to do something other than just sit there like an idiot, waiting for something to fall on me.


The final highlight of our trip to Wellington was my fight with the jets in the bath at our hotel, of course. Probably more a highlight for Joel, because it was actually just hugely embarrassing for me, but because I love you I will share the story for your own enjoyment.


So as a special treat we stayed at the Museum Hotel, which is really awesome by the way, and I made Joel book us a room with a bath – because I really love having baths when I’m staying at hotels. The tub in our room was huge and had jets and I pretty much fell in love with it the moment I laid eyes on it. It was quite deep, so I ran the water and waited for it to fill up. Naturally I grew impatient and just clambered on in when it was about a quarter full, letting the water continue to run as I sat back and relaxed. Now, there is no point having a soak in a tub that has jets if you’re not going to use the jets right? So I kept an eye on the water level because I was ready to turn on those jets just as soon as they were submerged.


Except it turns out I was a little hasty.


Most of the jets were pointing downwards, but there was this one evil little jet at the other end of the bath that was different from the others, and it was not prepared to play ball. Even though this jet seemed to be as submerged as the others, when activated it started turning and the holes popped above the waterline and spewed forth a forceful jet of water at speed. In my face. And beyond.


It was like in the movies when a pipe bursts and the person involved can’t find the tap to stem the rush of water because HIGH PRESSURE WATER IN FACE. I was fumbling around, arms outstretched, desperately trying to find the off-button. After a few seconds of flailing about like an lunatic I called out to Joel to help. At the exact moment he walked into the bathroom, I managed to find the button, and with the sound of the gushing water now gone I could clearly hear his peals of laughter. Apparently, through the doorway all he could see was water flying all over the bathroom, and as he got closer he was greeted by my flailing limbs and some sort of crazed contorted look on my face.


One side of the bathroom was completely covered in puddles. Water had sprayed up onto the mirror, over our dry towels, onto the toilet paper and tissues… everything was dripping wet, and I felt like a little drowned (shamed-out) rat.


And those, my friends, are the memories I will cherish from this particular visit to Wellington!


I promised you I’d get back to Baby, so let’s do that. I have an appointment with my midwife on Friday morning and I’ll be getting a form off her to take to my anatomy scan, so I texted her yesterday to ask if it would be okay for me to book the scan for Friday afternoon (I’ve read that an anatomy scan can be performed successfully anywhere between 18-20 weeks). She told me I should wait until I’m 20 weeks, which is extremely frustrating because I’m dying to know if it’s a boy or a girl. Though of course the anatomy scan is actually to make sure that everything is okay with Baby, finding out the gender is very much an aside.  Still… I really want to know what it is. Mind you, look what happened last time I got impatient. WATER EVERYWHERE.


I’m going to leave you with a bump shot because, well, it’s there now. This was taken this morning – please excuse the lack of composition/focus skills. iPhone self-portrait in a grubby mirror blah blah. Please also excuse the pointy belly thing. What’s that about? It normally looks roundy, but for some reason it looks pointy in this dress/photo. Gah.

You can't tell from this picture, but Baby is waving to you


15 thoughts on “Puddles

  1. Oh my gosh you’re so tiny! What a gorgeous photo – you and your bump look lovely in that red dress.

    Good luck with the scan

  2. ‘I feel like a whale she says, and then shows a pic of a TINY bump – lady, you ain’t seen nothing yet! Looking good though – are you noticing you have more bump in the evenings?

    Those water jets – devious.

    1. I really should point out that the mirror is one of those cheap full-length skinny mirrors – am not actually that slim! Also, I know the worst is yet to come, but it’s just a feeling of general bloatedness that makes me feel whale-like. Am dreading what’s to come!!

  3. Haha, I’ve done exactly that with a hotel room jacuzzi. Gives you a hell of a fright! (and makes a hell of a mess)

    And, SWEET MOTHER’S KITCHEN YUM. It’s actually Cajun/American Southern food, not Mexican – the Cajun blackened fish and the swamp dip is amazing. It’s the one thing I miss from living in Wellington.

    Nice bump (of course, it’ll only get bigger…) – and I love the dress!

  4. Cute bump! Love that you have co-ordinated your dress and lipstick, rocking the bump for sure 🙂

    So hard waiting for that blimmin scan – very exciting finding out what baby is though, hope he/she co-operates.

    Oh and I am very jealous that you stayed in the museum hotel, even with the bath incident.

  5. Gorgeous dress Jane, that colour looks really good on you 😀 Though you can’t see it in this comment, I’m waving back at the baby.

  6. You have a baby bump!! Eeeeee (this is me squealing excitedly for you.. In my head) that’s so exciting! Can’t wait to see future pictures when it gets bigger and bigger…

  7. What a gorgeous picture!

    I’m still thinking it is a boy, but i recommend waiting until 20weeks because my friend had the same issue as Ali

  8. Yep, I had the same issues too. We had to wait a further week to find out we were having a girl because she had her legs crossed AND, the only reason we were actually allowed a 2nd scan was because they couldn’t get a good enough pic of her spine. Apparently the desire to know the gender is not sufficient to get a further scan (unless you are prepared to pay for it)

    So hard as it is, you would be wise to hang on and wait.

  9. Where did the last post go? With the poll? I voted and was all up in my commenting zone and it disappeared! This is my disappointed face =;(

  10. oh and I had a really good laugh envisaging you trying to deal with that bath situation!! Your blogs always bring a smile to my face 🙂

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