Step into the polling booth

You know from the last entry (and probably from any other of my blog entries you might have read in the past) that I am not a particularly patient person. I am not patient when it comes to waiting for baths to fill up, and I am not patient when it comes to finding out the gender of my offspring.


To help pass the time between now and when we find out what flavour baby we’re having, I thought I’d set up a crude poll widget thing. I know I’ve already asked you what you think we’re having, and you obligingly offered your input via the comments of a previous post, but that didn’t conveniently present a nice visual representation of the results. You all know how impatient I am, I couldn’t be bothered counting the boy and girl votes from the comments, so here we go again!


Just for the record, I think it’s a boy. For absolutely no reason at all. The weird thing is, when I imagine the baby I see a girl (perhaps because I’m more used to girl-babies), but deep down I think it’s a boy. I hope it’s one or the other and not somewhere in between…


Anyway, let’s get this show on the road. Ready, steady, poll!



15 thoughts on “Step into the polling booth

  1. I must have babies on the brain at the moment (uh oh!) as the other night i dreamed i had quadruplets! Well actually i didn’t see 4 babies, but i walked into the spare room and saw 4 cots, mobiles, drawers and other baby-related paraphenalia. Freaked me out a little bit, and i’m not even pregnant (or planning to be for a couple of years yet!). So many people around me are pregnant or have just sprogged, so maybe my brain was trying to cope with all the extra baby-stuff 🙂

  2. I commented on this. And it disappeared. I was sad.

    What I was going to say was…. It’s a boy. I’m almost positive. Not as positive as your pregnancy test but close.
    And also, love the red dress in your last post!! Bump is uber cute 🙂

    1. Sorry about that – there were some typos in the poll and I had trouble editing it, and I had to start again! Sorrrrrryyyyyyyyy <3

  3. why are there only two options; gender should be a spectrum. I also can’t wait for baths to fill; I’m not alone, but dose that mean I’m any more normal?

  4. I still think ‘boy’ 🙂

    It’s interesting though: when I was pregnant I had the exact same thing as you. Thought it was a boy, but in my mind the baby was always a girl. Today, my daughter turned 14 months. So much for female intuition…

    By the way, what gender does Joel pick? My husband picked ‘girl’, and darn it, he was right 😉

  5. We didn’t find out, but 95% of people reckoned we were having a girl, I think I called my bump ‘she’ for about the last 5 months of my pregnancy.

    Guess what? Boy! Which was good actually, the H and I had only agreed on a boy’s name.

  6. I am hopeless at guessing boy/girl. When I was pregnant I guess I had both in my head so when my daughter was born I felt I had lost my “Joshua”. Does that make any sense?

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