Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

I thought I might sneak in one last entry for 2011 – a year that has proven to be quite a significant one in our household, though I have a sneaky feeling 2012 is going to be even more significant again.


Let me set the scene for you. I’m sitting in a purpose built nursing chair that I bought on TradeMe. The chair rocks, and so does the little accompanying ottoman. It will be great for nursing I’m sure, but in the meantime it’s getting a work out as a telly-watching chair – and I can assure you it’s up to that task.


Joel has just switched off the Playstation, he’s been playing an NBA game I got him for Christmas.


It’s raining outside. It’s miserable and has been for days. The forecasters are promising wet weather for as far ahead as they can predict. Basically until I’m due back at work. Arse.


Due to the grim state of things outdoors, Stella is curled up on the couch and Sunday is curled up on an armchair. Long gone are the days of us trying to keep the animals off the furniture – just quietly, there’s something rather nice about having a little furry creature cuddle up next to you while you’re watching the telly.


Speaking of the telly, the Playstation has just gone back on. He gave it a break of around three minutes.


My little sit-down has come after an hour of sorting through letters, bills, statements and receipts that have built up in a pile over the last six months or so. We’re trying to clear out the study so that we can move in some new shelves that Joel made, and also the spare bed, which is currently in the baby’s room. We have a lot of stuff to sort through. My spidey senses tell me there’s a tiny bit of hoarder in both of us, but we keep that in check by having these huge annual clear-outs, and this year we’re being particularly ruthless. I’m even getting rid of my Tori Spelling biographies and Twilight books. Yes, I’m that serious about the de-cluttering process.


You guys, this is my New Year’s Eve. I know, I need to stop partying so hard; I am embarrassing my loved ones with my outrageous drug and alcohol-fuelled benders.


The news gets even sadder. I am not even sure I’ll be going out tonight. I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather for the last few days (oh ha ha) and the idea of being the sober pregnant one surrounded by a bunch of boozed-up friends with cabin fever doesn’t make me reach for my party shoes in a hurry.


I just read over that last paragraph and have now decided I probably will go out tonight after all. I am pregnant, not eighty-six.


Happy New Year you guys, if 2011 was a good one for you I hope that 2012 continues the upward trend. If this year sucked arse, then woo! Time to say goodbye to the suckiness and helllooooo to a brand new year.


A year that is going to see this little guy make his grand entrance… I leave you with a shot of our son (!!!) from my twenty-week scan. See you next year!


16 thoughts on “Goodbye 2011, Hello 2012

  1. My new years eve has consisted of spending 2 hours in a stinking hot childs indoor playground holding on to my 1yr old daughter while she screamed, watched my 3.5yr old son fly down a giant slide and my 1yr old son play happily on a foam wedge. It’s KFC for dinner and a DVD then of to bed hopefully after midnight! 🙂 This year has been one of learning and discovery for me, abou myself and how to raise twins and how to keep 3 kids entertained in a small house. Hopefully 2012 will be a better year for all of us, with less sickness and more laughter.

    Hope you have a fantastic 2012 Jane, you are gonna have one crazy year coming up!! Its gonna go by so quickly but you will love it! Hope you are getting lots of rest in this crappy weather. Look forward to hearing more about your adventures in the new year!

  2. This sounds all too familiar, ‘cept I am 29 weeks and having a girl, boyf is playing a PC game, and we only have the neighbours cat Bo. Also, I am not sorting bills, but rather researching cloth nappies. I am also not 86 but we are having a yummy dinner tonight accompanied by sparkling elderflower cordial in champagne flutes (ok, so he’ll have beers etc) followed by cheesey DVDs (Hangover 2, Cowboys and Aliens) and I’d say I’ll be asleep by 10PM!

    S’all good Jane! Happy New Year to you, Joel, the animals and your son! We all live in exciting new times xox

  3. I hope you have a fantastic 2012 Jane , you will discover sleepless nights and foul smelling poop , but You will also discover unconditional love.

  4. Happy new year Jane, and all the other commenters 🙂 I’m sitting this one out, quite honestly I’m glad to see the back of 2011, so I’ll have a drink and cuddle up on the couch with my very own tabby-and-white small furry creature. But I’m going to the beach in a couple of days and will do my celebrating then 🙂

  5. Aww, don’t feel bad Jane, had a quiet New Year at home myself, and I am definitely not 86! Not pregnant either, so no excuse really, except that the weather sucked. Payback, after such a gorgeous Xmas day, eh? Funny how we always seem to end up with some rain this time of year, nothing like when I was a kid in those long hot summers we used to have. *Sounding* 86 now, but still not… 😛 And yeah, the forecast is clearing about when I have to be back at work too. Typical.

    Saw you a couple of times on the telly lately in those anti-depression ads, and thought, hey, there’s Jane, boy she and Joel have a big year ahead! Make the most of it, enjoy all the little things, try not to stress too much, and sleep whenever practical. Hey, that seems quite sage, might try that myself!

    Anyway, happy new year to you and yours, and to the little community that gathers here. May it be so much better than the last. 🙂

  6. Happy New Year everyone, on holiday with family this new year, so let off fireworks and stayed “home” watching movies with kids lying all over the floor. Been watching (and a little bit of helping) my sister train her dogs, she has a georgous new one, and hoping to transfer a bit of what she’s taught me to my fur baby (I’ll believe that when I see it).

    Hoping this year improves over last year. Need to set some goals to make it happen 🙂

      1. Still here, the slips are a bit of a prob when trying to run up in the hills, been boiling water, beach was closed for a bit. Feel so sorry for those who have damaged homes. Still great holiday, just a little more eventful than we’d planned.

      2. I did think of you when it turned to mud, you still sound chirpy and well, so all good. Who would try to run uphill in the wet sliding stuff!. You must have cabin fever:-)

  7. A belated happy new year to you, Jane.

    2011 has been a pretty crappy year for so many people it breaks my heart to think of all the lives and loves destroyed – or at the very least thrown into chaos.

    And while it was just another day, the shift into 2012 does mark a renewal (it’d be better if we marked it at Matariki of course).

    Several million good wishes for you, Joel and bub. I might even be able to stretch it to several million and 56.

  8. Hi Jane,

    Happy new year! I was a avid reader of the Girls Guide last year until you signed off. Back at work now after some maternity leave and randomly thought about your blog and looked you up.

    Strangely enough, I was thinking to myself ‘I wonder if she is preggas yet?’ I dont really know why I thought you might be. So happy to see that you and your man are expecting a wee bundle. It really is the coolest thing ever 🙂
    A womans body is an amazing thing and there really isn’t anything quite so primal (if thats the right word? -‘natural’ doesnt really do it justice) as being pregnant and having a baby.

    Wishing you all best. 🙂

    1. Sorry don’t agree, feelings of guilt are as useless as regrets. Both are wonderful triggers for depression.Embrace every day of your journey as a special time.

  9. Guilt is only one of the aspects that is discussed in this article, and not one that I actually identified with. But I think the article helps validate when you feel the less rosey aspects of parenthood that you never think you will feel because people aren’t bold enough to admit they exist.

    Personally, I discovered that learning that other Mum’s felt the same rollercoaster of emotions as I went through last year was not useless, in fact quite the opposite. I actually felt more trapped feeling like I was meant to always be “embracing the journey as a special time” than I ever did by reading something like this article.

    The end of the article also explains why you can’t understand how the love you experience outweighs all the negatives until you have your child, it is by no means a doom and gloom piece.

    Each to their own I guess, my read on Jane is that she is a realist so might appreciate the balancing nature of the content, if not she’s wise enough to shelve it away with the myriad of other info she’ll get as she ventures into this fun ride!

    1. Good to read your thoughts, we all think differently and I like the way you express yourself.
      My childbearing years are long gone and my memories are gentle-er than the ‘in the moment experience’. Having said that though, I am very much a pragmatist when it comes to life situations with pragmatism being a learned quality that I embrace now tempering that with optimism and a dash of activism.
      And I still embrace every day my journey and hope to do so until I die

  10. Happy New Year Jane. I’m just watching a documentary on the Japanese tsunami and how it reminded me of our first baby, Cole, being born the day before. You are in for a hell of a ride this year, I wish I could say it’s going to be easy but you’ll be tested to breaking point in all aspects of your life. Finances (exhausted), tiredness (never-ending), sex (none), domesticity (“nesting”), socialising (only with other new mothers – “how many poos a day?”) and especially finding the time to keep up with all your friends (you won’t). I give it two weeks before Joel is doing a 10pm run to the pharmacy to get nipple pads which you’ll then use twice before not bothering with them again.
    You’ll love him and resent him (both boys), won’t want him watching too much tv (mainly Joel) but then eventually he’ll smile (baby) and somehow it makes you forget all the other stuff (like oxytocin).
    You’ll be fine though, but then again, I’m having three days on my own now.

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