Freakout du jour

And already it’s February. What the heck, right?

I don’t need to fill you in on how the year started out, because you already know it started badly, so let’s just fast forward to the here and now.

Work has been really busy, which is not a bad thing. There have been music festivals and touring artists and a few key album releases that have managed to keep me exhausted enough to not bother with the housework.

Actually, come to think of it, do you remember when I had that dilemma of trying to figure out if we could justify getting in a cleaner? I felt my spare time was precious and I didn’t want to spend it scrubbing skirting boards with a toothbrush, and moreover I have a touch of the lazies when it comes to doing housework. Anyway, at the time you guys were all “go guuuurrrl, get yourself a cleaner and spend your weekends sipping margaritas by the poolside” – except that I don’t drink and we don’t have a pool, but in terms of the general gist of things, you were spot on.

So we got a cleaner in (actually, there were two of them) and they did a consistently crappy job. Each week I gave them another shot in the hope they were just getting used to what it was that needed doing in the house (yes! we would like the soap scum wiped from the soap holder in the shower please). Alas, every time I came home on cleaning day and found another grubby surface un-wiped, my patience wore further thin – but perhaps there was too much to clean and not enough time?

(In retrospect I’m starting to think I was too lazy to fire them)

THEN! Joel’s brother in law was doing some landscaping work for us when the cleaners came, and he noticed they were there for far less time than what we were paying them for. So it wasn’t that there was too much work to get through in the allotted time after all! They were just taking us for a ride!

So I steeled myself for the difficult conversation ahead… and asked Joel to relieve them from their duties. The plan was to find a new cleaner, but I guess laziness stuck its oar in there too. Anyway, the upshot of all this is that I still want a cleaner, but now we’re going down to one income (baby, maternity leave, blah blah) we can’t afford one.

I know there are bigger problems in the world, but for some reason the idea of looking after a newborn, all strung out on no sleep, while also facing a seemingly insurmountable list of household chores is my pre-baby freakout of the moment.

If I can’t be arsed keeping the house in check now, how will I cope when there’s a baby in town?

And then there’s the impending renovations… that’s all a bit too much for my brain right now, and somehow I suspect there will be a few entries devoted to this highly-exciting topic in the weeks to come.

In the last entry I promised you a bump photo, and because you’ve been so patient, I’m going to give you three, okay?

First up, 22 weeks:

And 24 weeks:

And finally, 27 weeks:

10 thoughts on “Freakout du jour

  1. you look great Jane! Pregnancy suits you! I’m sure you will cope, from what I hear from friends you just do what you can and let go what you can’t and enjoy being a mum. You might even get some help with the cleaning from friends and family, you never know!

  2. You look fantastic! Don’t stress about house work, thats what family is for. My mum and sister came over once a week to do the cleaning for me, and I didnt even have to ask:)

  3. Looking good! You’re pretty much living in those leggings aren’t you? 😉

    I think, in the event, you’ll probably find that you have better things to worry about than soap scum on the soap holder…and if not, that’s surely what Joel is for.

  4. You’re one of those annoyingly good looking pregnant people! Not that I became a whale, but I sure felt like one if that makes sense. You look happy and peppy!

    You even suit maternity clothing, I can’t hate you because…. well …. I am overwhelmingly happy for you. Oh ok I’ll settle for disliking you just a little bit 😉

  5. You look awesome 🙂 /leggings and tunics for the win! Don’t worry too much about the house work – vacuuming while wearing baby in a sling is actually an awesome way to get them too sleep! Dito drying dishes, hanging washing…

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