20 thoughts on “In the absence of a proper update…

  1. I wasn’t even sure if you guys would be able to make out what it was. Took me about thirty seconds! Ha. So much for mother’s intuition and all that jazz

  2. I am normally really good at these (having only had a baby 18 months ago myself, but I ain’t seeing it! Can someone offer some hints here?

    1. babies lips are centre and quite dark, then wee nose and impressively chubby cheeks to the left and slightly above, then left eye and forehead. He’s looking directly at the scanner.

      1. Ohhh, thanks for that. I get it now. He sure does look cramped. I didn’t get to have any more scans after 20 weeks so never got to see her so close to due date. How cool

  3. This is one of those ink blot tests to tell what mental state you are right?
    I can see a pipe wrench and a g-clamp so I think you are having a builder or a plumber. 🙂

    1. Having just about sent ourselves bankrupt with renovations, I can tell you that builders and plumbers make PLENTY, so I’d be quite happy for our little man to end up in either of these professions so he can look after his dear old mum in her old age!

    1. The fridge has been sorted – a washer issue or something… not sure – doesn’t matter, the important thing is it’s fixed!

      1. Sorry – I meant facing the scanner. Phoebe, we saw our little boy blinking and stuff on a scan towards the end!

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