1. This guy! is the cutest boy baby I have ever seen.
    Normally boys have huge heads , Victor is so bloody cute

    • Jane says

      The cutest boy baby you have ever seen? That’s quite a call!! But we’ll take it thankyouverymuch!

  2. Phoebe1 says

    He looks so grown up already. You will have your hands full when he becomes a teenager, cute and gorgeous and ready to rock!!

  3. Cute! And just a week or so younger than my baby girl. Aren’t they getting so lovely now? They get cuter and cuter the older they get.
    Babies are awesome.

  4. Jane says

    Thank you guys for fawning over my baby. I love him! Am such a mum-nerd now. Still have no idea what I’m doing.

    • MIzdee says

      Ha Ha Jane, my ‘baby’ will be 9 soon and I still don’t know what I’m doing.

  5. jessicapea says

    oh look at his squishy noodle arms :)And that face! How can you stand that much cute!

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