Meet me by the swings


So here’s that news…

I’m writing in a more official capacity again. This time it’s for a new website called Essential Mums, which has obviously been set up with mums in mind, but you’re all welcome there – bechildren’d or not.

Here’s a link to my first entry – nothing there that you don’t already know, but it will certainly be nice to see a few friends there so please stop by!

Read me!

You might have noticed that, despite my best intentions, I haven’t been very good at keeping you up to date with the various goings-on around these parts. The good news is that updates at Essential Mums will be much more regular, so even though the EM layout is all pink and such, I’m still hoping that you’ll feel at home over there. If the idea of reading a blog on a mums website makes you a little uncomfy, you could always throw on a trench coat and hat, then cut some eyeholes into a newspaper and read the new blog incognito.

This isn’t the end of PBTM, I can’t imagine I’ll ever close this blog down, but things will no doubt be a bit quiet here for a bit while I’m tippity tappity typing out entries for Essential Mums. There are only so many hours in a day, after all, and the bulk of mine are spent at the mercy of a five-month old, so there’s only so much writing I can do.

You know I love you guys, let’s jump on the swings together at the other playground!


  1. Stella says

    But people know recognise me for the hat trench combo. (today is a bowler, it was almost a beret)

    • Hahahaha, Joel just pointed out that I stuffed up my joke. I thought you meant to write ‘today it’s a bowler’ but put ‘is’. Now I KNOW what you were referring to. Long day…

  2. Cyberaxx says

    I’ve been reading expectant mother/new Mum websites over my wife’s shoulder for years. I hope it all goes well.

  3. Perhaps you can post here what you post on Essential Mums ?
    so we don’t have to sign up there

    • Alas, my writing for Essential Mums can’t be replicated elsewhere. You don’t have to sign up to read it, but if you want to comment you can always set up a special email address just to register? Otherwise I’m all out of ideas

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