A letter to my son

Hey you guys, when you’ve got a few minutes spare, head on over to Essential Mums to read the letter I wrote to mark Victor turning 6 months old.

It’s been a crazy ride, and it’s easy to talk about how it’s affected ME and MY life, but that letter is all about Victor, he’s the real star of this show. I hope he’ll read it one day and come to understand just how loved he is.

Anyway, yeah, have a read. This is one I really want you guys to see.


6 thoughts on “A letter to my son

  1. Because I am too lazy to login to Essential Mums I’ll comment here. Firstly, lovely letter, I am sure there will be a moment in the future where little Vic appreciates your summary of this time in his life. I have managed to write a wee journal for my little girl documenting the first 2 years of her life as I know oh too well that my memory will fail me and I won’t remember what age she met various milestones. I only hope I will be able to clear the bleary eyes well enough to replicate it for #2 who’s currently cooking.
    Secondly, and I am sure you have had all manner of advice on this front, my daughter was also afflicted by yukky eczema at the same age and at 12 months we discovered a pretty nasty allergy to eggs. There is a chance that the eczema as a baby was actually her reaction to eggs I was eating while I was still breastfeeding her so if you are that way inclined you could always try eliminating them from your diet for a couple of weeks to see if it makes any appreciable difference. Bit of a pain as eggs are a very quick and easy lunch solution but thought I’d throw it out there for you anyway!

  2. Hi Jane .
    I know you have your stuff commitments , parenting , house remodeling ,Joel & life to deal with …. but your last post here for your die hard followers was November 7, 2012. can you plz throw us the occasional bone for those of us who have followed you for such a long time . ( I know that sounds creepy / stalker;ish but it is not meant that way)

    1. Hey P1LL, sorry I haven’t updated in so long. You’re right, it’s been busy, and there always seems to be 2034378 things waiting to be done so unfortunately PBTM entries have been put on the backburner. However, I promise I’ll try harder sir!

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