I woke up today feeling very excited

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One of the bonuses of running my own blog and being able to see the backend of things is having access to the list of search engine terms that bring folks to this site. Even as I type I’m having a giggle at how disappointed someone will be when they search ‘backend of things’ and wind up here.

Anyway, just for fun, today I thought I’d share some of the very best search engine terms that have led people to PBTM:

  • KFC zinger double down calories
  • Jane Yee depression
  • How big will I look at 28 weeks bump
  • Baking bun in an oven
  • How to tell if your female rat is pregnant
  • Human inside me
  • What happened to Jane Yee
  • Girl falling off cliff
  • What is a pbtm
  • Dog bed duvet
  • Cats + scratching furniture + instant coffee
  • Cancer society TV ad girl
  • I woke up today feeling very excited

And my favourite:

  • Jane Yee fat

Four times that particular search has led people to my blog! Which means, in all likelihood, there are four people out there who want to see a photo of me looking fat.

I think it’s interesting to note that aside from searches including various combinations of the words ‘Jane’, ‘Yee’, ‘picnic’ and ‘motorway,’ by far the most searched topics that have led people to my blog are Lana Del Rey’s lips and the curtain outfits from the Sound of Music.

I feel bad that I’m not able to shed any light on how to tell if your female rat is pregnant and that I haven’t posted a tutorial on bun baking. I hope those guys found solutions to their problems eventually. I wonder if they, along with the guy/gal who stumbled upon this blog while trying to buy dog bed duvets, ended up sticking around and perhaps even coming back for more?

Which begs the question… how did YOU end up here?


  1. Aimee says

    Came here when you finished with your stuff blog. (That’s awhile back aye!) Can’t actually remember what that one was called!
    As I now have a two month old of my own I was also reading your essential mum one 😉

    • Amy says

      Jinx! My name is Amy, I have an 8 week old girl, and I also came here from the Essential Mum blog! You don’t have a girl called Keira by any chance?? 🙂

  2. Another stalker…I mean follower from your Stuff blogging days. I also can’t recall what it was called.

  3. sbeach says

    Stalker/reader from stuff here too…enjoyed your stint at Essential mums as well.

  4. I was a Girl’s Guide follower, and followed you on over here when that gig ended. I don’t have kids, but I won’t lie, I took a sneak peak at a few of your Essential Mum’s blogs as well. No google searches from me!

    • Jana says

      I don’t have kids either & I admit to reading a few of the essential mum blogs as well!

      • Jane says

        I read a mum blog before I was a mum, but only because I read her stuff before she became a mum and by the time she had kids I felt like she was my BFF and her kids were my honourary nephews!

  5. Jubee says

    Girls Guide for me too, now I’m just following you around like a puppy 🙂

  6. found you via stuff – i find all the stuff blogs weirdly compelling, but your blog was interesting + compelling. + thank you for leading me to sundry, jane – her writing is beautiful.

  7. Jane says

    Thank you all for following me around. I feel like the pied piper of blogland. I will try to keep things consistent for you, at least for a little while!

  8. Jana says

    I followed you here from the girls guide, you are the only blog I have ever read & I enjoy it so much! It’s been a bit of a famine recently & now a feast the past few days!

    • Jane says

      I am your only blog?! Oh my, is this what a marriage proposal feels like? I know, three posts in three days – I’m making up for lost time

  9. Grace says

    I too read The Girl’s Guide on Stuff, followed this blog, then read the Essential Mum’s blog (even though I don’t have kids), and now back again!

  10. Cyberaxx says

    I can’t remember if PBTM was here before M2 but it was a while ago…

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