A change is as good as a holiday

What do you do when you have some extremely pressing tasks to attend to, but you have no one to answer to (except yourself) regarding said tasks?

You probably just get on and tackle those tasks because you are self-motivated and brilliant. I, however, sit on my butt and decide now is the perfect time to write a blog. I have nothing to write about. Who cares? It is very important that I tippity tappity out an entry right this instant. It is my duty as a blogger to give my loyal readers something to digest at 11.57pm on a Wednesday night. Sure, I need to pack for our first family getaway and I need to write up a holiday meal plan and shopping list so I’m all prepared when I hit the supermarket first thing in the morning, but none of that is as important as writing this for you.

I am procrastinating big time, and you’re my excuse, so please pretend that you really needed to read something from me today so I can feel justified in my – let’s face it – totally unjustifiable  actions.

We’re going to my sister’s bach in the Coromandel for a few days, and while I’m sure we’ll enjoy ourselves once we get there, right now the preparations just seem overwhelming. I think it’s because I’m struggling to see this as a proper break. It feels more like we’ll just be doing the same old stuff but with a different background. My job is being a mum. It’s a 24/7 gig and going to the beach with my boyfriend and son does not mean I get to clock out. In fact, I’m a bit nervous there are some things about being away with Victor that will actually be more difficult than they would be at home.

Getting LV to sleep anywhere but in his own cot has always been a huge challenge. I know, without a doubt, that bedtime and nap times for the first day or two at the bach will involve epic battles between mother and son while father does his best not to get caught in the fray.

The bach isn’t baby-proofed. There are open stairs leading up to a mezzanine. The entire downstairs area (including bedrooms) has terracotta tile flooring. I foresee a lot of injuries in my baby’s near future and I’m fairly certain there isn’t an A&E in the beach town we’re visiting.

If it rains we’re stuffed. We’ll be stuck inside with a bored accident-prone baby and no relatives or friends to foist ourselves upon in an effort to break the monotony.

In the meantime, I have no idea how we’re going to fit the pram, playpen, portacot and its mattress, highchair, a big box of toys, groceries and our actual luggage in the car. Especially with his massive flippin’ carseat taking up such valuable tetris-packing real estate.


Seriously though, it will be nice to get away from all the distractions and to-do lists of home  and concentrate on just being a family for a few days. Plus I’m going to make Joel play boardgames with me while LV is sleeping. Perhaps I’ll even take a thousand piece puzzle? Because puzzles and inquisitive crawly mouthy mischief-making babies are the perfect match, right?

Okay, I can’t rinse this anymore, best I start getting myself sorted for the morning by going to bed. Apologies for the delirious ramble. I can’t believe you made it to the end of this one. Well done you! I will try to take some nice holiday snaps and post them soon as your reward for putting up with this nonsense. Love you.


8 thoughts on “A change is as good as a holiday

  1. Ah, the old “holiday” with a baby plan. I wish I could offer some words of comfort here but it probably is going to be as much work as you think. I always questioned why we bothered taking a holiday when it felt more relaxing at home. I guess being in a different environment has it’s positives though.
    And thanks for giving me something to read, it’s only 9:30pm here and it feels like the Internet dies early because most people I know are in nz.

  2. You guys have a house & a child together and Joel is still just a boyfriend?
    Man up Joel & at least make yourself a fiancée 😛
    Enjoy your holiday

  3. That sounds like a helliday!! I hope that you get some rest!!

    I can understand your trepidation… My partner’s sister (yes, we have a house and a baby together too but aren’t married – who wants to plough $20k into a wedding when you can buy a house to build a future together in? – anyway, I digress) is getting married at a resort in Wanaka in September. It is exciting in numerous ways (Wanaka – always wanted to go! Weddings – squeeee!) but even just having to think about flying with an 8 month old to Invercargill from Wgtn (can’t ferry and drive 13 hours, that would be too cruel) then borrow/hire all the carseats/buggies/cots, find (afford!) somewhere warm to stay for a week or so in the middle of winter, be part of the wedding party, keep her quiet during the big event…. oh god…. Actually, maybe I could come and stay in the bach with you instead? Then we could play human trampolines under the mezzanine together 🙂

    Please make a follow-up post of “Lessons I have learnt with travelling with my favourite little person” if you discover any life saving gems!!

    1. Did you consider flying to Queenstown, rather than Invers? Jetstar now flies Wellington – Qtown, so Air New Zealand fares have come down a lot.

      1. Good idea Grace, but (unfortunately?) my partners family all live in Invers! We don’t know how long they will be staying in Wanaka after the wedding so thought if we booked the the flights for Invers then we could spend more time with them. Kind of makes me wish they all lived in Queenstown though, ha ha!

  4. You know, I loved your Essential Mums blog, but I really do like the randomness of Picnic By The Motorway. So happy you’re still blogging!
    Also a holiday with children isn’t that relaxing, but it’s nice to get away, hmmmm that doesn’t seem to make sense! Not fun but nice to get away? Also Phil and Teds portacot, so so small! Don’t bother with toys, he won’t play with any of them, the house itself will be enough entertainment! Save precious food space!
    We went with two little ones this summer, think we might wait a while to do anything like that again…. At least we left the kitchen at home!

  5. Good luck with your first big trip.
    I have found that travelling with young children is just like a normal day in that you don’t know what’s going to happen until it does and you work out solutions as you go along with whatever is available.
    I don’t have a lot of words of wisdom about travelling with kids but before my son was two years old he had been on 27 international flights (UK, Hong Kong, SIngapore, Australia) and 7 regional flights and it is much easier travelling with an infant than a toddler.
    We never book bassinet seats as they have TV’s in the armrests so you can’t lie the child flat across your lap to sleep. The baby can’t sleep in the bassinet when the seatbelt sign is on anyway. We take a pillow/mattress for our kids to lie on you and a dummy on a string for ascending and decending to help with equalising the inner ear pressure (the first time you drop the dummy you’ll be glad of the string). Everything else on the trip is like living an a very tiny house with one chair that reclines in front of the TV so you have to be compact and organised.
    Cars are much the same except we plan for many stops and consequently take much longer than normal (i.e. Auckland to be Taupo takes about 6 hours with breaks for a trip that I can do on my own on three and a half).

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