Counting down to One

I have written so many part-entries that have ended up in draft wasteland, but I promise to press the ‘publish post’ button on this one – no matter what state it might be in.

You have probably guessed that things have been hectic. There was the trip to the beach, then Easter weekend (aka eat heaps o’ food with family weekend), then I started back at work and my life got flipped, turned upside down.

And that’s where you find me. Buried somewhere beneath bits and pieces of my life as a working mum.

It’s taken me a couple of weeks to get used to the new normal that is working part-time in the office, clocking up a few hours of work at home, and spending the rest of my time chasing after a crawly, climby, put-every-tiny-thing-in-mouth-y eleven month old. Oh, and all that housework carry-on. But I have everything totally under control. Today.

My next big hurdle is little Vic’s first birthday party. Um, what? Can you believe he’ll be one year old in less than two weeks? That blows my mind. It really is true what they say about time flying extra super quick when it comes to kids. Don’t get me wrong, some days it feels like he’s been around forever – in the good way, like he’s always been my little BFF. It’s more that I can remember the last few weeks of pregnancy, the whole labour thing, the hospital stay and bringing LV home like it was just a few weeks ago. Surely it hasn’t been a year already?

But it has. And now I have to plan a party. And it has already broken my brain. But more on that later, because it’s now 10pm and I have to work in the morning so I best start sorting myself out for bed.

Hey, nice to see you! In the virtual sense I mean. I’m not peeking through your windows.

Oh, and what about this grumpy contemplative little guy…?!


6 thoughts on “Counting down to One

    1. He is huge. Like a proper little kid now. But really, still a baby. He’s caught in that weird limbo of babytoddlerdom. I think he calculates – and not in a handy tally-up-the-prices-as-we-go-around-the-supermarket way.

  1. Don’t stress the party. In the end, the 1st birthday is really for the parents as a 1 year old doesn’t know what’s going on or make any connection to the celebration other than there being lots of people and more interesting food than usual.

  2. Nice post! Party here for our one year old too, weirdly stressful! Do you do a party for a child who’ll just be overwhelmed and not understand, or do you not and live with the guilt for the rest of their life?! Knowing they WILL bring it up constantly!
    Baby/child/toddler not so nice, that Wonder Weeks app you mentioned in your Essential Mums blog is bizarrely correct on moods etc……
    Baby + work is hard, well done managing so far. Hope you’re enjoying your lunch breaks!!

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