Let’s get back to easy conversation


Say whaaaat? It’s been two months? Shut up, don’t be ridiculous, of course it hasn’t be two months, let me just check that…


A quick catch up then? I am now the (very) proud owner of a 13 month old. What a great age this is! Little Vic is my best buddy through and through. He is really into raisins, making a beeline away from the playground equipment and towards the mud, and he is just craaaazy about clambering all over me. He is a total crackup. Here we are celebrating his birthday last month.


Um, what else? I’ll tell you what else. I hate these ‘catch up’ posts. It’s like meeting up with a friend you haven’t seen for ages: normally if you got together regularly you’d talk about all the small things that have been going on – hairdresser cut my fringe too short. Made an amazing cake on Tuesday. Forgot to feed the neighbour’s cat while they were away and now I think he’s left home.**

But because you haven’t seen each other for a while, those things don’t seem significant – probably because they aren’t – and instead of slipping into easy conversation about life’s daily trivialities, there’s all this pressure to report on items of major consequence. New boyfriends. A bought or sold house. An unannounced pregnancy.**

If I was playing this blogging thing as I should (ie. often), right now we’d be discussing the effect the impending polar blast will have on my the washing I need to get done. Or perhaps I’d be asking if any of you guys are closet The Bachelor/The Bachelorette fans. Instead I find myself scrambling for a crucial life event or two to update you on, and I’ve got nothing.

We have been going about our lives as per usual. The baby (not even really a baby anymore) is awesome. Things are just fine.

But I miss you guys. Y’know? I do.

**None of these things actually happened. Not to me anyway.

18 thoughts on “Let’s get back to easy conversation

  1. I’m totally a bachelorette fan! It’s great drama that i watch with my best friend! Life is busy & flies by, it is nice to hear from you whenever you have time!

      1. Yes & full of crazy lines about how they they have fallen for about four different people! You should watch bachelor pad, it has people from past seasons of the bachelor/bachelorette competing for money. You’ve got to love American tv for the entertainment it brings!

    1. I don’t have enough hours in my week (or room in my brain) to cope with Bachelor pad. I have seen the promos and they for-real frighten me.

      1. Glad to hear it. Was super exciting to check in today and see you had written something new 🙂

  2. Hey, Jane! Great to ‘see’ you. It has been a wee while. No Bachelor/Bachelorette fan here, Four Weddings is my trash TV of choice, total bitchfest. Women can be so mean to one another sometimes. The US version is relatively polite, but oooh, those Brits! 😛 It’s like a train wreck…

    Things are good here, no major life changing events to mention.

    My work is crazy busy, far more than usual actually, but I have an overseas trip coming up pretty much as soon as the dust settles. Going to the USA, can’t wait! Was quite jealous when you blogged about your trip, but of course I loved following your adventure – living vicariously, you know? Finally going to NYC, getting some sun in Hawaii during our winter, and just getting out there. Exploring. (Ha, if I won lotto, you wouldn’t see me for dust – except for posting my adventures on the net for friends and family, I suppose.)

    That’s about the only thing of note I have going on right now, otherwise the it’s business as usual.

    Yeah, we need to do this more often, and chat about the small stuff. Bit hard when you’ve got a wee one to chase after though, eh? Still see your Lowdown ad on the telly sometimes, and wonder how you’re doing, so great to check in, at least. 🙂

    1. Oh you are going to LOVE New York. It is such an amazing city. It is just like how you’d imagine from the telly and movies (unlike LA).

      As for that Lowdown ad… I think perhaps I need to do an entry on that little shadow. Is that ad on a lot at the moment? It seems to be.

      I have watched the occasional episode of Four Weddings, and you’re right, those women are a bit unhinged. If I could just watch reality TV as a full time job, I probably would.

      So great to hear what’s going on with you!

      1. Yeah, the ad seems to pop up quite a bit at the moment. Must be on some kind of roster… 🙂

  3. Nah, your blog is like a good friend: it doesn’t matter how long it’s been since you’ve seen each other, you slip easily back into that friendship like you’ve never been away. Welcome back 🙂

  4. Oh yes, the 13 month old climbing. We have the same. All. Over. Me.
    But very cute, and cuddly, and loving! And filthy. The dog loves the food filth thank goodness!!
    Washing only dries by the fire. No fire = no dry washing.
    No bachelor or bachelorette. But I do like a bit of Teen Mom. And have you seen Catfish?!?! Tragedy!!

    1. I can’t handle Catfish – I watched the movie, but the show doesn’t do it for me. Teen Mom however… oh yes, I’m completely up to date. Waiting for the next season!

      The climbing is incessant. It’s hard to play with him because he just wants to climb-cuddle (thumb in mouth – I am his real life soothing toy). It’s adorable but I cannot get anything done. Anything.

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