12 weeks twins ultrasound scan

So here’s something.

Last year we found out we were having a baby. YAY! And then it all went wrong and we lost the baby in the first trimester. Not yay. Part of me wanted to write about it at the time, but nobody even knew we were pregnant and it wasn’t a very happy story, so I shelved it.

The reason I’m okay to talk about it now is because I have good news to share… I’m pregnant! Hooray!

We found out in early January that I was expecting again – right when our household was in the grips of a nasty bout of gastro… every cloud and all that. Then in February we had a dating scan when I was around eight weeks along (it just happened to be on Joel’s 30th birthday). It was at our dating scan last year that we found out things weren’t right with our little one so as you can imagine I was quite nervous when we turned up to the appointment this time around.

Morning sickness had hit with force about a fortnight earlier, and that morning as we sat in the radiology waiting room I remember feeling pretty woozy and just wanting to get the whole thing over and done with so I could crawl back into bed. We were called into the darkened ultrasound room by a bubbly Irish woman called Rhonda. She asked me if I was nervous and I told her I was a little on edge due to our last dating scan experience. I settled myself on the bed, grabbed Joel’s hand and then waited to see our new little baby.

Rhonda popped the transducer-whatsit on my tummy and within seconds, just as we were starting to make out the image on the screen in front of us, she whipped it back off. What was she playing at?

“Just at a glance,” she said “you’re having twins”.

Rhonda was having us on of course – just messing us around because she was a good-humoured Irish woman, right? RIGHT?

I couldn’t be sure, so I ventured “are you joking?”

“No, no I’m not joking”

(Looking back I suppose they can’t really joke about these things. Can you imagine it? ‘You’re having twins! Haha, just messing with you, calm down’)

You guys, Rhonda, bless her, was definitely not joking. Though you’d think she was because we couldn’t stop giggling when we realised she was quite serious. After allowing us a minute or two to gather our thoughts she carried on with the task at hand, and sure enough there were two little blobs right before our eyes. As she noodled about measuring the twins (!) my mind started racing – in a matter of seconds I went from being super excited to being overwhelmingly terrified to trying to figure out the logistics of carseats and cots, which bedroom would house the twins and what was I going to do about the amazing part-time job I’d just been offered.

So there it is. We are having twins and over a month after finding this news out I still can’t quite believe it. At the time we were told there was a reasonable chance that one of the twins might not make it. There were discrepancies with the gestational sacs that were of some concern, and we were warned about ‘Vanishing Twin Syndrome’ which is when one twin isn’t viable and gets absorbed early on in the pregnancy leaving the other twin to carry on.

We’ve spent the best part of five weeks waiting to see if both our little babies are growing as they should be, and after a scan this week it seems like they’re quite happy to settle in for the long haul. So now it gets real. In September this little family of three will become a party of five and hopefully the shock will have worn off by then.


Before I go, I’ll leave you with some FAQs (yup, getting a lot of repeat questions already):

How far along are you?
13 weeks, still early days but out of the immediate danger zone – yay!

Are they identical or fraternal?
Probably fraternal as they have separate sacs and placentas. That said, it is possible for identical twins to each have their own sac and placenta if the fertilised egg split very early on, but this is quite rare – so as I say, probably fraternal.

Is there are history of twins in your family?
There were twins a couple of generations ago on my mum’s side, but none in recent years

Do you know the gender/s?
It’s too early to know yet, but we will find out when we can

Were the twins conceived naturally or via IVF?
Au naturel!

And now I’ll leave you with an apology for the lack of updates – morning sickness has been absolutely killer this time around, I’ve been bedridden for the last six weeks or so – and also a shot of the babies from our 12 week scan:


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  1. Congratulations! That’s fabulous news! Glad to hear that joy has come after a hard time. Hope the morning sickness stops very soon!

  2. Fabulous news! Congratulations! Twins are awesome. I say this after having recently realised that four of my favourite bands have twins in them (not Bros). I trust yours will be just as splendid!

  3. amazing news! I am a twin mama myself – with just under 2.5yrs between them and my eldest. They are now 5.5 and3yrs old – Its a hell of a ride, and I remember that 13wk scan like it was yesterday! Get in touch with your local multiple birth club and they will see you right!! Congratulations!!

  4. Brilliant news Jane!

    So sorry you had that experience last year, miscarriage and fertility difficulty is something that seems to be far more common than many people realise, as it’s not talked about much. Though that seems to be changing, slowly, which has to be a good thing.

    Best wishes for the remainder of your pregnancy. 🙂

  5. Wow that is such increadible news! Exciting times ahead for your family 🙂 Sorry to hear about the baby you lost, I’m glad you have happier news now and two bubbas to look forward too!!!

  6. oh man crazy and exciting! Big congrats to your little (soon to be big) family. I always get excited when I hear people are having twins…my dad is an identical twin, and there was a fraternal set above him! Yep, Nana had 4 kids under two! (Plus 3 older ones!) I hope you start to feel better soon!

  7. Congratulations! Twins are the most amazing gift. I wish you all the best along your journey. If you want to see belly pics (pregnancy and the all important postpartum) or read about my twin pregnancy or birth story feel free to stop by. I will be adding you to my list 🙂

  8. Wow, congratulations! I remember my 12 week scan finding out my “easy” 3rd baby was twins. I cried!! It is an amazing rollercoaster ride but they are so much fun when they start to interact with each other.

    Make sure you make a note of all those offers of help and take people up on it. And you will be entitled to 240 hours of home help through WINZ (not means tested) since you have another child under 5. That was a great help as household chores aren’t high on the priority list when you are dealing with 2 newborns 🙂

    Best of luck! Your old Stuff blog buddy Donelle might have some tips too (theneverendinglaundry.co.nz)

  9. Congratulations! I’ve missed your blog, so happy to drop by & see a post. I am actually pregnant too (but very early days, I’ll have my first scan next week at 9 weeks. Trying not to freak out about it).

  10. Congratulations!!! It’s crazy to think when I started reading your blog you would talk about vaccums and your dogs, and now it’s about your kiddies. Very cool!!

  11. Congratulations Jane! How gorgeous.
    Since you have an obvious talent for making babies – you can even make TWO at a time!! – any tips for those (like me) having trouble making one? Anything you think worked well for you? Foods.. exercises.. any suggestions?

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