And the twins are…

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Yup, I haven’t updated lately, I know. But hopefully this little bit of excitement will make up for my radio silence.

On Wednesday we had our anatomy scan and aside from finding out the babies are developing as they should be (i.e. the actual important stuff) we also discovered the babies’ gender. We kept it to ourselves for a couple of days, which was no easy task I can assure you. There are some things (like falling in love, getting engaged and finding out you’re pregnant) that you just want to yell from the rooftops – and the gender of your baby (or babies) is one definitely on that list.

Anyway, this morning we gathered both our families and forced them to humour us as we revealed what we’re having. Some morning tea, a couple of cardboard boxes and some helium balloons later, this was the result:

(scroll down)

(keep scrolling)

(Just a bit more…)



  1. Jana says

    What a great way to announce it, such a cute pic! So exiting that you are having twins, hope you are feeling better now.

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