Jude and Maisie Make Five

We’re two months in already and I’m ever so slowly coming to terms with the idea that we have twins. Two babies. Hahaha, that still just seems ridiculous, but yes, it’s a happening deal. A happened deal. Done. I know this because things are very LOUD at our house these days.

As for PBTM, well it’s been quite the opposite, bordering on silence throughout pregnancy and since the babies arrived. However, I’m keen to get back into the swing of things and happy to go over some old ground if there’s anyone interested? Maybe you’ve stumbled upon this here blog because you’ve found yourself pregnant with twins, and then you’ve been bitterly disappointed to learn I didn’t update regularly throughout my pregnancy, let alone post weekly belly shots. So yeah, if there’s anything in particular you guys would like to read about then let me know and I’ll see what I can do while it’s still relatively fresh in my memory.

Life as a family of five is quite a trip. It’s busy, that’s for sure, but it’s also kinda boring. Not that the babies are boring (or LV or Joel for that matter), but there’s definitely a certain monotony involved with caring for teeny-tiny twins and a toddler. I am pretty much wiping, patting and picking up all day long. Wiping bottoms, faces and milky sick from various surfaces (including, but not limited to, my shoulder, face and hair). Patting wee baby-backs to bring up burps or settle to slumber. Picking up toys, raisin packets, more toys and raisins themselves.

(Just as I wrote that LV shoved a marmite covered plane in my face and demanded I “clean it!” – which I dutifully did, because otherwise you can bet that marmite was gonna make its way onto our soft furnishings)

I also do a truckload of washing because everyone here likes wearing clean clothing (fusspots), and Jude is a really spilly baby. I swear he waits until I’m confident there’s no more milk to come up and I pop away the burp cloth before he brings up the good quality curdled stuff. He’s such a sneak that one.

If you’ve been hanging out to see photos of the new little folks in our family and wondering what LV is looking like these days (spoiler alert: he’s cute), then your best bet is to follow PBTM on Facebook or Instagram. But I figured I’d share a few ‘exclusive, never seen before’ pics of the twinnies right here right now. These are from when the babes were brand new and tiny little dots. They’re ginormous monsters now, packing on the pounds at a ridiculous rate.

Thanks for your patience, don’t forget to let me know if there’s anything you want addressed in a future entry, k? Here are those pics…






5 thoughts on “Jude and Maisie Make Five

  1. Way to go mama! Jude and Maisie are just the sweetest little dots. I feel you on the spew too – it’s still happening here, even at eight months. It’s rough.

  2. Oooh I’ve been watching your pics on Facebook, absolutely adorable wee babies! Looks like you’re doing so well chubbing them up too, they look gorgeous! I’m in awe of you with your two babies, I have 3 and quite close together, but they were all separate!
    I’m with you on the wiping, picking up, feeding….. And we also have breaking up arguments, and a lot of time outs (which are far from peaceful!).
    Looking forward to more blogs, if you get the time!

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