The Cull

Happy new year! A bit tardy with the first post of 2017, sorry about that. Being on time has never been my forte and it seems the dawning of a new year hasn’t miraculously cured me of my slackness.

Joel and I kicked off January with a huge declutter, and it’s been super liberating. For real, I have been more ruthless than ever with my shedding of stuff and it feels so good. The house is way tidier, I don’t miss anything we’ve purged. It all sounds so incredibly cliche, I know, but my head is clearer for not having to deal with all. the. things.

I feel more in control, and that’s a huge thing when you have little kids. Ugh, I can’t believe I’m writing this, I sound like some sort of organisation evangelist.

One of the biggest overhauls happened in my wardrobe. I did that thing we’ve all read about and think sounds good in theory, but only execute half-heartedly because culling clothes can be bloody tough. That thing is deep dive into your wardrobe and anything that hasn’t been worn in the last year is outta there.

I did that thing! Anything that I didn’t really like but was holding onto because it was expensive, en vogue (once upon a time) or had some sort of fond memory attached to it was shown the door. A few things still had tags on them ffs.

My wardrobe was such a ramshackle collection of quality and crap clothes, spanning many years and trends, that I had totally lost any sense of my own personal style. At some point during the culling process I realised there was no cohesion to my clothing and once I cottoned on to what a mess it all was something really clicked.

From that moment the more I threw on the “see-ya” pile, the easier it was to be brutal in my stay-or-go decisions.

Along with the clothes I wasn’t really fond of, I also biffed a whole bunch of stuff I was hoping to get back into one day in the not-too-distant. Some of you will be familiar with that cool game and, SPOILER ALERT, you hardly ever get back into those clothes – or by the time you do paisley waistcoats and full length floral skirts aren’t really high fashion anymore.

I’ve put on a fair few kgs in the last year and squeezing into ill-fitting clothes wasn’t helping me feel good about myself. I decided to be f-ing realistic. Yeah, cool, if I manage to get a bit healthier and on track with my eating and exercising that will be ace, but in the meantime I need to dress to my actual size right now – not the size I once was or hope to be because that shit doesn’t look very good mates.

After all this flinging about of tops, jackets, skirts and trou I was left with the skeleton of a wardrobe which had some major holes in it (not literally of course, because anything with holes was also tossed). The only logical thing to do was invest in some good quality pieces to top things up, so that’s what I did and now I’m finding it way easier to choose what I’m going to wear in the morning. It’s nearly all black, white, navy and grey – very basic and mostly practical, but at least I like what’s hanging in my wardrobe and there are lots of mix’n’match options, which really is so much easier when you have a foggy head in the morning (as I do every damn morning).

This is what’s hanging in my wardrobe. Obvs I have some stuff in drawers too – a few tee shirts, underwear, lounging-about clothes and exercise gear (hahahahaha, funny but true) – but this should give you a general idea of how stripped back things are now:


Shit, I didn’t mean to do a whole post on what is now my piddly little collection of clothes, but there you go, my fingers tippity-tapped and that’s what came out. I hope your new year has started well and that you’re ripping into things renewed, refreshed and with a clear head. Here’s hoping the next twelve months don’t eff all that up.

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  1. I did this yesterday. Tossed everything I don’t fit AKA most of my clothes. I have gained a lot of weight in recent years AND also have job where I wear a uniform so what I need is fairly minimal these days. Feels good to have space.

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