Lessons from the dojo

Yesterday the biggest of my little mates had a karate lesson. It was only his third lesson, and he’s a shy kinda guy with these things – likes to hang back and watch, needs lots of encouragement from me to get involved (even though you can tell just by looking at him that he’s fanging to get amongst it).

Joel’s away at the moment (all month with one weekend home in between, but that’s a whole other post), and the twins’ daycare pick up clashed with LV’s lesson so a friend whose son goes to daycare and Karate with LV kindly offered to take Vic for me. I gratefully accepted her offer but was a bit nervy about telling my wee sensitive soul that I wouldn’t be there.

“Hugh’s mum is going to pick you up and take you to Karate today okay? So I won’t be there during the class. She’ll bring you home afterwards”


“Because I need to pick up the twins from daycare”


Boom. Cool as a motherflippin’ cucumber. Still, I wondered if he really understood what I was saying. Maybe he thought he was just catching a lift with Hugh and didn’t quite get that I wasn’t going to be at the class?

Turns out he totally understood. When my friend turned up to collect LV he was all “laters mum” and that was that. He ran down the driveway with Hugh and didn’t look back for even a moment.

And then, like a karate chop to the heart, it hit me: he’s basically an adult now.

I rang Joel right away to tell him that for the first time ever Victor had just gone off to an extra curricular activity with someone else’s mum and it was completely no big deal for him. Then my brain started swirling. He’ll be off to school soon, having sleepovers, then before long he’ll be spending the best part of summer playing computer games in his room with the blinds closed. He’ll start wearing cologne and pranging our cars and heading to Uni to study palaeontology (even in my neurotic runaway-train crystal gazing I can’t imagine him not being obsessed with dinosaurs).

Oh god! Our tiny little wrinkly newborn, the one in the wonky moses basket, will be a fully grown human before we can even blink, and it all started with that one bloody mum-less karate class!

It’s hard not to get sentimental when your kids begin making their own way in the world – even if it is just running down the driveway with their mate and not looking back at mum. But in all this I’ve realised something cool. Only two weeks ago LV didn’t even want to participate in that karate class. We watched for the first ten minutes and then I had to grab his hand and physically walk him over to the other kids, only to let it go and walk away (symbolism!). Yesterday he was a different kid – confident, excited, independent – and even though it’s hard admitting my little BFF doesn’t need me so much anymore, I’m super stoked that he feels secure and self assured enough to go it alone.

Man having kids turns you into a right ball of mush, doesn’t it?




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  1. Having kids brings out a whole other side and makes you proud of the funniest things! So cool that your wee man is growing in confidence- it sure is amazing how fast they grow and develop!

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