Christina Tosi’s Confetti Cookies

Until recently, I didn’t have a clue that Confetti Cookies existed.

I have a few quirks. One of the weirdest has to be my occasional compulsion to attempt recipes that I simply don’t have the patience and/or skills for.

More often than not the inspiration comes from a movie or TV show, or even a podcast.

Barvarian Bungle

When I watched Julie and Julia I decided to make Julia Child’s Raspberry Bavarian Cream. I don’t know what possessed me to attempt this. TDisaster by the way. It took way too long, was too fussy and the end result was a raspberry flavoured flop.

Labourious Lasagna

More recently I attempted the Bon Apetit ‘Best Lasagna’ recipe after hearing it detailed in a podcast that Joel was playing as we nodded off to sleep. Lasagna is a pain in the ass at the best of times, but this recipe iss next level. You have to make the mince into meatballs before browning, and the ràgu spends around four hours in the oven. By the time you make the béchemal, boil the pasta, layer it all together and cook it, you’re basically spending the whole damn day deconstructing the kitchen to construct a lasagna.

It’s a bloody good lasagna though.

Convoluted Cookies

Even more recently I watched a couple of the ‘Pastry’ episodes of the Chef’s Table series on Netflix, one of which features New York pastry chef Christina Tosi. I fell in love with Christina primarily because she’s a sucker for junk. Tosi is no food snob; she’s just a woman standing in front of a deep fried Snickers bar asking it to get in her belly.

Beyond our shared passion for low brow, mostly yellow foods, I was also captivated by her personality. She’s so damn smiley and positive. She enthuses passion for her craft but in a really affable way – kind of the antithesis of the self-important and often aloof chefs that so prolifically appear on our screens.

Tosi has no time for fluffery. She cbf’d making everything look perfect because she’d rather focus on the flavours, an approach that has clearly worked well for her. She now owns and runs Momofuku Milk Bar, the dedicated sweet-space of David Chang’s celebrated Momofuku restaurant group.

In the aforementioned episode of Chef’s Table, Tosi made some sprinkle-laden cookies. No big deal right? Cookies are cookies are cookies. Except, the whole thing with Christina Tosi is that her baking is supposed to be sublime, so her cookies aren’t just cookies, they’re an experience. She’s known for breaking convention in traditional baking to produce gastronomic brilliance. Of course after seeing her Confetti Cookies on my telly I decided to try and make them because I had 398457 other things to do.

Warning: These cookies are time-suckers

Generally speaking cookies are quick, no fuss and easily thrown together to have alongside a cuppa within the hour. Not these little buggers though. Not only do you refrigerate the cookies on the baking sheets for a good sixty minutes or so prior to cooking (amateur fridge-Tetris players need not apply), you also bake a cake crumb to incorporate into the dough before you even start making the cookies proper.

Who has the time for all that? Well, me apparently.

The Verdict?

I made the damn cookies, and…? And they were delicious! In fact they were the first cookies I’ve ever made that achieved that illustrious yet elusive crunchy on the outside, chewy in the middle consistency.

There’s a saltiness to them that sounds horrible but works weirdly well. Unless you’re my six-year-old, in which case the cookies “taste like play-doh.” Don’t read too much into that though, the kid has extremely basic taste buds. He couldn’t possibly appreciate the subtle nuances of texture, flavour and aroma in these confusingly delightful morsels.

Curiously, the three-year-old scoffed a good number of them. He’s our foodie, he gets it.

If you’re up for the challenge you can find the recipe for Christina Tosi’s Confetti Cookies here (this is the only place I could find it reprinted with permission). Give them a go if you enjoy a little journey in the kitchen. I don’t know if I’ll ever make these again due to sheer laziness, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a crack.

If you’re after something ridiculously easy, check out my recipes for perfect bread rolls or easy naan bread.


Crunchy confetti cookie crumb
Delightfully crunchy birthday cake crumb fresh out of the oven
Confetti cookie dough
Cookie dough before going into the fridge – I had to space them further apart for baking
Tray of confetti cookies
Cookies cooling on the tray
Cookie Mountain
Cookie mountain
Confetti Cookie Stack
The Great Tower of Cookie
Confetti Cookies - Victor
“Tastes like Play-Doh”

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  1. Go you! They sound delicious but I’m far too lazy to bake anything that takes too long. I’m hungry now though and want to make cookies for breakfast….

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