Breeder’s Digest: Toy Guns, Sharenting and Weird stuff in the wash

Breeder's Digest Parenting podcast hosts Jane Yee and Bec Whitley

Your favourite parenting podcast is back! Finally the Breeder’s Digest returns after a lengthy hiatus. I’ve been scouring instagram for a new co-host and here she is, please welcome the wonderful Bec Whitley to the Digest! Right, enough chat, it’s time to gather around the porridge-encrusted dining table to discuss:

– Toy weapons: A bit of harmless fun or a gateway to violence?

– Sharenting: Are we disrespecting our kids’ privacy by sharing our lives online? 

– Washing Woes: You tell us the weird things you’ve accidentally run through the washing machine

– Top 5: Reasons to have kids

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