Breeder’s Digest: xmas lies, friendship and tearjerkers

Breeder's Digest parenting podcast hosts Bec Whitley and Jane Yee peek out from either side of a Christmas tree in a jovial manner

Hosted by mums Jane Yee and Bec Whitley, Breeder’s Digest is a casual chat with your mates about all the rubbish bits of parenting and all the really good bits as well.

This week on Breeder’s Digest we gather round the Christmas tree to contemplate life, love, laughter and parenting. Actually, just parenting. Join us as we babble about:

– Xmas Lies: What happens when the Santa story turns into deceit and betrayal

– Friendship after kids: Can we afford to be fussy?

– Hey! That’s my kid: Parental milestones robbed from us by friends and family

– Top 5: Things we cry about since having kids

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